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  1. Kmaster60

    Utica College FNP Online Program

    I'm more concerned with the accreditation. But I think it will work out in the end. Hopefully!
  2. Kmaster60

    Utica College FNP Online Program

    I know, I might as well. It's just a little nerve racking. It does appear that it will be accredited. And even if they miss it on the first attempt they'll have another year to get it before you graduate
  3. Kmaster60

    Utica College FNP Online Program

    So I too was recently acquiring about this program. I am leery do to the fact that it is not accredited yet. I know that it's a new program and that a class must complete the program before it can be accredited, but it's scary to think about going all the way through a program and possible be unable to practice if the accreditation falls through. Does anyone else have any thoughts?