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  1. Yes, University of New England online. That's where Dominican recommended and I thought the class was pretty doable
  2. Yea and she's really nice so I hope you get an honest answer right away
  3. Yeah definitely call them up. There's gotta be a reason
  4. NJ actually But I'm paranoid, so if you call please don't mention that you talked to someone from NJ with the same gpa and grades and they got in etc lol It still feels like it's too good to be true that I got into my top choice school and that they could revoke it for some random reason
  5. Yup, which is why I wonder if there's another reason. Definitely find out!
  6. Yeah because your stats sound like mine, so I wonder if there was something else. Knowing what one school thinks of your application can be helpful when applying to other schools too. Best of luck
  7. That is weird. Definitely call and ask how you could improve your application for next year. Maybe it wasn't about the grades
  8. Yes please do! I actually asked Dr. DeSimone if she would mind sending a link to the group out after it was made to all the students who have accepted their seat, but she said she would not be able to. But no worries, we can get everyone who's not on all allnurses joined at orientation. I also think a class groupme or other group texting thing would be super helpful, but thats for later!
  9. I'm about 40min south of Dominican (in NJ) And my online portal did not get updated. And yes, I really hope that yours in on the way right now!
  10. Sure, I was accepted to William Paterson, DeSales, and Utica
  11. Yes I did and I paid them a deposit too just in case, but Dominican is where I really want to go
  12. That's good to know, thank you! I will be waiting until the New Year then
  13. I'm confused by all of this lol But I'm not going to accept anything unless Dominican sends me a mail with a decision themselves, whatever that decision is.

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