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    Baystate Medical Center Midwifery Program

    I love Baystate’s midwifery program! I am getting close to graduation and I wanted to clarify some things I have read in these comments. You can use student loans! You must complete your first semester then you can apply for graduate loans through Thomas Jefferson University (aka Philadelphia University). TJU is who awards your MS Midwifery degree when you graduate. You take 12 credits through TJU while in the Baystate program. You will be awarded a Midwifery certificate through the Baystate program. You sit for the same boards as every other AMCB certified school. You will be a Certified Nurse Midwife at the end of your degree after passing examination. Comparing by saying the MS vs MSN is like the ASN vs BSN isn’t realistic. The only thing a MS in Midwifery can’t do is teach in a big university-you can still precept and teach at a hospital based program or smaller college. You can still get your DNP after your MS too if you want. The way Baystate starts you in clinical right away really enhances your learning. Before your integration at the end you have already caught babies and done pap smears! I have never had such wonderful teachers and preceptors! The class size is small because they want an intimate setting for teaching and they do turn away candidates. It is all in person at Baystate with the exception of the 3 online TJU courses, so you have to relocate if you don’t live there. It is worth traveling from an hour or two to attend! Highly Recommend!