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  1. NewOncNurseRN

    new onset afib

    What is your hospital policy? Ours is that as long as someone with a. Fib has a pulse under 110s, we don’t do anything beyond their normal beta blockers. However, if it’s a new onset we put them on tele for about 24 hours to confirm that it is controlled. if you know the policy, you can use it to call the provider and get the patient moved to an appropriate service area if necessary.
  2. NewOncNurseRN

    Patients taking photos of themselves while hospitalized

    Oncology patients do it a lot! So many have Facebook pages or caring bridge websites that they update family and friends with, and some have even asked for help using their phone to upload a picture or spell a medication or treatment.
  3. NewOncNurseRN

    List of good practice books for nursing school?

    I would recommend checking out what resources you already have- does one of your textbooks come with a question book? Does it include an online resource with a quiz bank? Does your school do ATI which has kids of practice questions in each book and online? I would utilize those then see what additional resources you may need for areas that are weak.
  4. NewOncNurseRN

    Why is there a 7 year limit on prerequisites for nursing?

    Part of the reason is that the information is fresh in your mind. Those courses are fundamentals for nursing, so you need a good understanding for those to understand diseases and treatments. Another part is things change. The summer after I took cadaver anatomy, another ligament was “discovered” in the knee, and within the past two years an additional organ was “discovered” because new details about function and structure emerged.
  5. NewOncNurseRN

    Residency or Staff Nurse Position?

    Most places only offer new grads a residency position, not a staff nurse. The residency programs include not only longer times with a preceptor than a traditional staff nurse role, but also additional classes and experiences. It’s definitely been a good learning experience and very valuable training.
  6. NewOncNurseRN

    Years of RN experience before NP

    I was wondering if having more experience as an RN helps with getting hired as an NP. I understand that more years of experience is ideal for applications to schools, but is that important to employers? Thank you for your help!