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NewOncNurseRN has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in BMT.

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  1. We have a protocol for calling a rapid response for that high of a blood pressure- I think it’s >160/100. While you did call the doctor, you could have advocated for something to be given right then, especially something IV. Also, document in a note that you contacted the physician, what they stated if appropriate, and “no new orders at this time”. Was this an known side effect of the anti fungal?
  2. NewOncNurseRN

    Disabled Nurse Wanting to Find New Job

    Have you considered looking at something outpatient or in a clinic? Most require experience and I wasn’t able to tell exactly how much you had. Or maybe outpatient infusion could be an option. How much experience would you say you have?
  3. I started out doing 2 12s and 2 8s. The method to survival was always taking a lunch, meaning that you definitely did not accomplish all of the tasks needed that day. I definitely preferred my days that were 12s- which is why I now work 3 12s. It’s also frustrating for patients to get woken up at midnight to be assessed.
  4. NewOncNurseRN

    Do you scrub the hub of a PICC between each medication?

    Scrub the hub every time it is accessed! We use chlorhexidine wipes so it’s only 5 seconds and therefore no excuse to not do. It should also be capped in between uses since it is a central line. We flush with each shift change, before and after meds, before and after lines are connected/disconnected, and before and after labs. PICCs can be really finicky and we still sometimes have to Cathflo.
  5. NewOncNurseRN

    Switch Job or Leave Job for NP School

    Get the experience first and then switch. You will want psych experience before becoming a psych NP.
  6. NewOncNurseRN

    New Electronic Medical Record + Short Staffing = Danger

    Coming from someone who used to work for an EHR company, most hospitals choose to over staff to ensure that everyone can get experience with the system while help is around. When I would help hospitals go live, I met many nurses who were part time or PRN who said they were all required to work during the first week or so because the hospital wanted everyone to learn the new system at the same time.
  7. NewOncNurseRN

    New-ish nurse dilemma

    For me the specialty was the most important part. And if you get the schedule you want- that’s a nice bonus!
  8. About 9 months in I started realizing I was consistently eating lunch, meaning I had also mastered time management. That was my breakthrough moment.
  9. NewOncNurseRN

    shadowing on the unit before accepting position

    Yes! Where I work they ask candidates to shadow before offering the position. Definitely worth asking!
  10. NewOncNurseRN

    Nurse Refresher Simulation Lab

    Definitely wear scrubs! It also wouldn’t hurt to brush up on skills by watching YouTube tutorials if you are really nervous and want to prepare.
  11. NewOncNurseRN

    Job search sites

    Indeed, LinkedIn, and websites of the individual organizations I am interested in. I also agree to the specialty organization but I didn’t find that it worked well for new grad positions.
  12. NewOncNurseRN

    Immunizations for uninsured

    You will be required to have insurance as a student. You can check the school insurance out and see when it starts.
  13. NewOncNurseRN

    Nursing Scrubs Policy Question

    My hospital has dedicated colors for nurses. You can however wear a shirt that is that color. Text on the shirt would be allowed but usually only if it is hospital related.
  14. NewOncNurseRN

    Five Ways to Reignite Your Passion For Nursing

    I would also say that because of this, we need to treat each other well. Check in with each other. Be kind, go out of your way to offer help whenever you see someone. And if you have a float, be extra nice to them! Treat other nurses the way you want to be treated.
  15. NewOncNurseRN

    Central Line Direct Observation Auditing

    Every week for each patient with a central line, including all lines in the room. Plus we have to check charting of chg baths and ask the patients if they have been educated on proper line care. Of course, this is all done by floor nurses.
  16. NewOncNurseRN

    ABSN attrition rate or drop out rate?

    My ABSN program is similar to the above mentioned, except we had a few students who joined with the intention to drop down to traditional. Once you are accepted to a nursing program, the schools want to keep you. They like to do all of the weeding out before you get accepted. That being said, they don’t hesitate to make someone retake a course or not graduate on time if that student isn’t prepared to pass NCLEX. Though that usually isn’t a problem for ABSN students.

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