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    Portable Equipment

    I'm a little new to running camps and I want to organize and overhaul our nurse role. Our camp is only at 100 kids for 1 week, but I believe we will continue to keep growing slowly each year. The main thing that would help would be organizing supplies and meds so that they are easy to find. What would you recommend for: Medication storage (bin, on wheels, compartmentalized) We have them bring meds in ziplocs and original package. I would like this to be portable so we can bring to lunch hall and things like that without the bags all getting mixed up. First Aid supply storage (here are my thoughts, but please suggest yours) Small bags (fanny packs?) for counselors to keep bandaids, hand sanitizer, sun screen, etc. 1 or 2 portable (backpack?) first aid kits for nurse/directors to wear when kids are out and about. 1 Storage container for less common items that would stay in the nurse shack, maybe just refills for backpacks and fanny packs. Thanks for your suggestions! I think this will really help our nurse and counselors focus on other things and get right to helping if an issue occurs. Also, if you have any suggestions on what you would stock these containers with, I'd love a second opinion on that as well!