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  1. jesslahtidah

    Depression + Anxiety as a Nurse

    after crying & really thinking about it, i’m going to continue with nursing school. i will contact a therapist, starting today. i will fall on my face over & over but i will graduate and be an amazing nurse. thank you to those that replied.
  2. jesslahtidah

    Depression + Anxiety as a Nurse

    Hi guys, I’ve had depression & anxiety for many years, if not forever really. I am very worried about my mental health affecting my nursing ability. I am currently in lvn/lpn school, doing well. Should I just drop out and be a CNA? Thanks guys & Happy early Thanksgiving
  3. jesslahtidah

    Unitek legit? Someone please help

    Hi! i am going to be starting at Unitek college in the Bay Area next month and I was wondering if it’s okay to go to a trade school for Lvn? I really struggled at a community college with my prerequisites, I kept failing chemistry (3 tries lol) I just want to be a nurse so badly and help others. I’ll work wherever needed, hospice, care home, etc. I cannot survive financially as a caregiver! as long as I can directly help others and make enough money to live lol. Thank you!