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  1. Clover19

    Advice for a new CNA?

    I was recently offered a job as a nurse assistant at a nursing home (and will become certified shortly after). I'll be beginning my school's nursing program next semester, and don't have any healthcare experience yet so I'm a little nervous to start this job! Any advice or tips for a newbie??
  2. Clover19

    Getting paranoid about nitty gritty (HELP!!)

    I just try to keep in mind that people are more likely to share their bad experiences than not. There are tons of nurses out there who love their jobs and just aren't telling about it online! I say listen to your own advice - try to focus on your own journey & enjoy the process!
  3. Clover19

    A&P in a minimester?

    I'm assuming a minimester is a compressed course? I took A&P 2 as a month-long summer course so I could apply to my school's nursing program on time, and I can tell you it was much more rigorous and fast paced than I was used to! That being said, I think it all depends on if you are willing to put in the work and time. Compressed classes definitely take a lot more dedication than if they were spread out over a semester, but it definitely is possible to earn an A!
  4. Clover19

    How would you prefer to write your resume?

    I personally would never pay someone for resume help, as there are tons of useful resources out there that are free. Remember: the internet is your friend!! At my university, we had a Careers & Internships office that would help students prepare for interviews, give them resume advice, etc. I'm not sure if this is a common thing at other schools, but I personally found that to be super helpful.
  5. Clover19

    Should I add this to my resume?

    This summer, I helped take care of my ill grandmother (feeding her, taking her to the bathroom, helping her with oxygen, moving her around in a wheelchair, etc.) It wasn't technically a job, but I still feel that I gained some useful experience from it. Should I add this to my resume? And if so, where/how?
  6. Clover19

    Thinking about starting pre-reqs this month.

    The nursing program at my school is similar to this as well. A year and a half of prereqs, then the actual nursing classes begin your 4th semester. Clinicals are the last 2 years. Every school is different though! I also saw above that you're first career choice is in the arts - if you aren't sure it can support you as a career and are still passionate about nursing, why not do the arts on the side?
  7. Clover19

    Anatomy and Physiology

    I agree with the above posters to retake A&P 1 before taking 2. Although you learn about different organs and body systems in A&P 2, there are still a lot of foundational things you need to understand from A&P 1 before moving on in my opinion. Either way, good luck in whatever you choose to do & try not to get discouraged! These classes are far from easy, but they are so helpful once you get to your actual nursing classes
  8. Clover19

    Time for a therapist?

    I agree with both of the previous posters. It's not healthy to hold all your emotions inside & always deal with things on your own. It sounds like therapy would be a good thing for you!
  9. Clover19

    Tips for Reducing Interview Anxiety

    I know I'm a little late to respond... First off, congrats on getting a position! As for interviewing, I'm no pro but I still thought I'd share a few tips I've learned Steering clear of caffeine definitely helps me with reducing anxiety! It's important to prepare for an interview, but sometimes I think over-preparing can hurt you in the long run... the best advice I can give is to be yourself in an interview! Try not to answer questions like you've memorized the answers, you can answer them as you've practiced at home but also make sure to show them you have personality! My last tip for now is to remember that the internet is your friend!! There are SO many resources online that can help you prepare for interviews... use them!! Best of luck in your future & hope this helps
  10. Hello! Any nurses want to share some things you wish nursing school would have taught you, tips for nursing students, tricks you've learned on the job, etc? This year will be my first year in nursing school & I thought it would be cool to hear some words of advice beforehand!
  11. Clover19

    Need help with manual blood pressure readings

    I am still a student & not a nurse yet, but I agree with this!! If I am having trouble hearing a pulse, sometimes it's easier to watch the needle jump on the meter than actually hear it!
  12. Clover19

    Patient Transporter??

    Hey guys! So I'm a pre-nursing student (my program begins Spring of 2020) and I'm looking to get a job this semester to add experience to my resume. I've applied to a few PCT positions, but haven't received a call back - probably because I don't have any healthcare experience yet. I recently applied for a Patient Transport job at my local hospital, and got a call back this morning to schedule an interview! Has anyone worked as a transporter before? I don't really have any specific questions, just looking for any information about the position!! (your experiences, what the job entails, interview process, hours, etc.) Thanks in advance!
  13. Clover19

    Will this ever happend for me?

    I know the program at my university limits you to retaking a class 3 times, but every school is different so I can't speak for yours! If I were you I'd sit down with my advisor and they can tell you what the best route for you would be, how the program looks at grades, etc. But don't feel discouraged... everyone's journey is different!! Best of luck to you