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  1. Hopefulnurse1823

    Question regarding overtime

    So, I have a question regarding picking up overtime and the whole shift differentials thing. Is it actually true that you can potentially double your starting salary by doing that? I ask because I’m a little bit suspicious with the whole taxes thing. I’ve never had a job that allowed for overtime so am a little bit naive. Can you basically double your salary by picking up 20 extra hours each week? And does this explain the huge discrepancy you see when people in the same city post their take home salary? Any information much appreciated.
  2. So let me preface by saying that I am a career changer and am already sort of nervous about this shift. I tend to ruminate on things and am in the middle of getting everything ready for my transition into nursing. I will be doing a CNA program soon, and then get into an RN program. I recently started freaking out about the infectious nature of nursing overall. I'm not so much concerned with the "dirty" part of the job as much as I am concerned that I might catch something fatal, or end up contracting something dangerous. I've been doing research into needlestick injuries and the concern for HIV or hepatitis. I've also read stories about nurses being in positions where they ended up hurting themselves because of the environment of the hospital itself. So my basic question is, how much of these situations are able to be controlled through proper techniques and safety protocols? Or, do these things just happen to a bunch of nurses regardless of experience and safety? Also, how much of these environmental issues have to do with specific hospitals? For example, are some hospitals better at controlling the hazardous nature of the profession by investing more into the hospital versus some other hospital that is trying to cut corners? Or, is this something that is just the nature of the beast? I'm starting to freak out that every nurse is just at a much higher risk for everything, and the profession is a ticking time bomb that's going to kill everyone that enters it. For example, are there thousands of users on these forums that have contracted HIV through needlestick or are currently dying of MRSA? I feel like I'm just psyching myself out way too much.
  3. Hopefulnurse1823

    RN program work load

    I was wondering if there is anyone here that completed an RN program while also working. Whether it was a full time or part time job. Bit about myself; a career changer who would like to keep a foot in both worlds as long as possible until I have a guaranteed job as a nurse, work is the only obligation I have on my plate currently. Thanks ahead of time for the responses about your experiences, it always helps.
  4. Hey, I am a hopeful nurse to be, in his early 30s. I got my bachelors of science back in 2009 in Chem/Bio. Not happy in my current job. I am worried about having to do all of my undergrad work over again because of getting timed out. I read somewhere that credits count for a period of 10 years? Is there anyone on these forums that has done something similar to this or even later, and still had their credits count? Or, worse case scenarios some horror story? I’m really worried that my dream is going to get crushed before it even starts. Any responses greatly appreciated. Thank you.