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  1. Oh man, this is why I am so confused. I got someone to advise me to not disclose it, or disclose as little as possible. And yes, I have a few cousins/family members who are/were nurses and when I came to them for information, they told me it is very challenging but rewarding at the same time.
  2. I have my bachelors, so I am taking a few prereqs right now over the span of two years before I even pursue a nursing program. To get myself healthy and to see if this is truly something I can handle. I am going to pursue a CNA certificate here as soon as space opens up and hopefully that will give me a lot of exposure. I kinda mentioned this already, but I have always been fascinated with nursing and my grandmother was a nurse and I grew up basically admiring the woman she was. I almost applied to be in a pre-nursing program at a university near the one I attended years ago, but I was so nervous about the math and chemistry aspect I didn't go for the program and went with another program instead. I know that isn't a great reason, but I've always wanted to help and did mentored individuals for about 2 years with my last career. Basically, I've grown older and wiser and was very insecure the 4 years of my college career. I'm now older and in a different phase of my life verses where I was several years ago, 18 and unsure of what I wanted.
  3. Thank you. Unfortunately, I think it may be more than anxiety, but I am getting that addressed with a psychiatrist within the next week or so. I appreciate your input.
  4. Nope, not changing my perspective, just correcting someone who got the wrong impression from my post. I should have just asked the simple question, "Will BON deny me with a past of mental illness? Possible Borderline, etc." but I decided to over explain myself and then I get responses from people who believe my reasons for wanting to become a nurse are not valid, but never explained what their reasons were. I worked in a correctional facility for 2 years and worked similar shifts, 12 hours+++, worked holidays, weekends, overtime and didn't have a set schedule. I had to leave because of the military, so I couldn't really stay if I wanted to. I was essential personnel, so I had to be there during natural disasters, hurricanes, snow storms, etc. Similar to that of a nurse. I'm not ignorant, I know how demanding the job is and I know the type of schedule they work....Like I mentioned in a previous post, I mentored people. SO, why did YOU want to be a nurse if my reasons aren't valid enough? But, I guess I have to realize none of you really know my life and don't know what truly is in my heart, so I'm not going to take what everyone has told me to heart. You are going off a post I wrote late at night when I was upset, so I can't blame you, but instead of picking at every word I wrote and using it all against me, maybe you should take the overall picture. I know I can do whatever I put my heart into and was just simply asking if a history of mental illness was an automatic dismissal. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for your advice. I'm sorry that you experienced that. Honestly, that is a fear of mine (what you just told me), but that is why I am trying to get healthy before starting all of this and I am going very slowly. I hope that doesn't happen to me, a mental breakdown years after, but if I get healthy and get my mental illness under control...why should I let these currently roadblocks keep me from something I want to pursue. I know I asked for opinions, but I wanted to mainly know if BON would automatically deny me and I'm getting responses from people telling me not to go forward is kind of disheartening. I'm trying to better myself and get the necessary treatment. I'm not in it to make money, to be honest, my current job probably makes equivalent to what I would make as a nurse. But I've been sitting here for a couple of years wondering why I never pursued my passion.
  6. Can I try to explain my post? Although you probably question why I have to justify myself. I did ask this question in hopes people would give me honest answers, which you did and I appreciate it. But, this is what happens when I give too much detail, but don't explain myself correctly at the same time, and that is my fault. I feel like my wording worked against me and after reading my post over again, it looks sketchy. I know nursing is a selfless job and you have to be in it for the right reasons, but like I said, now that I've read over that part I can see how it was perceived that way. I stated that it is a passion of mine (has been for a while) AND it might indirectly boost my overall well being...people say they love the way it feels to help other people...I hear my nurse friends/relatives say it all the time...is that a sin in nursing? It might come off as selfish, but obviously that person loves helping others at the same time. Also, I wasn't confident in my abilities when it came to math and science and now I feel confident enough to actually pursue my passion because I am sick of my insecurities keeping me from a profession I really love. I'm not trying to pursue nursing to prove anything to anyone or myself. I have always wanted to pursue nursing and wanted to help other people, but decided to major in something that wouldn't involve a lot of math and science, so I picked a "soft science" major and my original career for two years was basically rehabilitate people, but it wasn't the right environment for me. I would explain more, but I don't want to get into too much detail.
  7. Hi, everyone. I am in desperate need of some input, advice or support. I am making a career change, but struggling a little with some feedback I received from my primary care doctor. I had mentioned that I was nervous about seeing a psychiatrist because I was afraid of the results and how that might impact my future goals (my primary care doctor recently directed me to see a psychiatrist so that I could get diagnosed and put on a treatment plan). Her medication, Lexapro and Paxil, and other medications in the past, Zoloft, Prozac and Wellbutrin have not worked. She responded to my concern basically saying that it isn't about what I want, it is more so that I simply can't be in those jobs (with a history of mental health). So backstory, I am currently taking prereqs in hopes of applying to nursing school in a couple of years once those requirements are met. My initial bachelors was not very science heavy, so I am taking my time as to not overwhelm myself. It is no surprise to me that I have struggled with mental illness for most of my life and I know I need to get myself healthy before I embark on this new journey. I'm not sure she meant harm by it, but it really discouraged me and made me upset. I had mentioned that I thought I was Bipolar (she doesn't believe I am since antidepressants usually heightens Bipolar symptoms) and that I watched a show that mentioned Intermittent Explosive Disorder and how I believed I had something similar. I told her that I sometimes get angry at my husband for a chore that isn't done properly, but never indicated any sign of domestic abuse or anything like that. Again, I haven't been diagnosed and this was a Netflix show, nothing serious. I was simply confiding in her and felt comfortable opening up. Basically, I am required to see a psychiatrist and nervous for the results. I am sure there are plenty of nurses with severe depression and anxiety, but what if I find out I have something more severe in addition to those two? Borderline Personality Disorder, Intermittent Explosive Disorder? Something involving anger management? I want to add I have no criminal record whatsoever, I have never been terminated from a job or had behavioral issues at school or work. I have never suffered from substance abuse issues and I rarely drink alcohol. My coping mechanism is food. Honestly, if you didn't know me that well, you would think I was healthy and happy. I have no hallucinations, I know I'm not schizophrenic or a narcissist, I'm just afraid of Borderline. Sooo...if I take these steps to get treated by a psychiatrist and spend the next couple of years finishing my prereqs and getting healthy, will the BON in my state (I know it varies, but VA and CA are most feasible) deny me? I will be honest, I don't want to go through with schooling another 4+ years and accumulate more student debt if this isn't an option for me. It is a passion of mine and I believe it would help my overall well being, a purpose. I know I've had this calling for a while, but never pursued it because I wasn't confident in my abilities. Please, any help appreciated!