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  1. Ohio BON has very slow processing and slow or no response to email or phone (check Google reviews for lots of people with the same issue). They also seem to be fairly disorganized in terms of processing documents that they receive - there doesn't see...
  2. Some schools will allow you to start an ABSN with a sufficient number of credits (not necessarily a completed degree). It can't hurt to ask your school if that is an option. Have you completed the prereqs for the nursing program already? If you'...
  3. kayji

    Can You Help Me Calculate This

    Co-requisite usually means two classes that have to be taken at the same time (e.g. a lecture and lab). I don't know why they are using it for the A&P II and micro classes - it seems out of place. To calculate your GPA you need your grade an...
  4. kayji

    ATI CAT Exams

    There isn't a lot of info out there, but I think you're fine. You made it into the 'hard' question level, so that alone should tell you that you are doing well. Beyond that, it's expected that you would have some variation in percentile, and 26th is ...
  5. kayji

    Emory D-ABSN 2021

    I think overall passing minimum is 70%, and you also have to get 70% or higher on exams. "Students are required to repeat a course if they earn a grade below a C- (<70%). A grade below a C- (<70%) constitutes a course failure." "Clini...
  6. I was in a previous Spring cohort. I applied in May and didn't get my acceptance until September, and that seemed like their first round of decisions that went out. The program is busy and you have to actively make time for your personal life an...
  7. kayji

    ATI Comprehensive Predictor

    The bigger concern for your friend might be learning the strategies used to answer ATI questions (e.g. studying answer rationales, breaking down the questions, and prioritization methods), which he will need for the NCLEX. It's a shame that his progr...
  8. kayji

    NCLEX questions

    What state are you in? I just graduated in December and people from my cohort had very different wait times depending what state they applied for licensing in. Fastest were just a few days (RI, MI), but some took multiple months (SC, OH).
  9. kayji

    K Rider

    I would recommend being very careful with your units when looking at this question. At the risk of stating of the obvious, mEq is not the same as mL. It might be the case that you have a solution with a concentration of 1 mEq/mL, but that isn't alway...
  10. Hi Kayji I wanted to know how your DABSN program is going. It's the final date to submit an application for the Summer and I wanted to know if you had any insight in terms of what goes from now on. 🙂 Hope you are well

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    2. kayji

      kayji, BSN


      • Classes were 2-3 days per week. First semester was 3/week, 2nd and 3rd were 2. Each day was scheduled for 6-8 hours on Zoom. Some professors are more strict to the time than others. 
      • Clinicals start at the end of the first semester, with a trip to Atlanta (2 weeks). After that, you will need to organize your clinical schedule with your preceptor. There is a requirement for number of hours, but you do them when you can fit them in (depending on classes, preceptor's schedule). On average about 2x 12 hour shifts per week. Some weeks 2, some weeks 3.
      • Studying: 8-10 hours/day on the days without class or clinical. Maybe a couple hours on class days, nothing on clinical days. Consists of recorded lectures, reading, case studies, practice questions, homework, papers, etc.

      The schedule follows the academic calendar (minus mid-term days off). That means you have "some" time between semesters (1 week after Spring & Summer, ~4 weeks after fall). Some people were able to take the whole time off, some had to do clinicals a that they weren't able to get in while classes were in session.

      Exams are meant to be "nursing-style questions," which means, yes, they are intentionally more challenging than your average exam, but I think this is pretty common in nursing programs (to help prepare for NCLEX). That said, I think their exams are well done and if you can make an argument for a different answer, most professors are willing to consider alternatives if it's a good/correct argument. I think the general consensus within my cohort was that maternity was the most difficult, but mostly because the professor teaching it wasn't a maternity nurse. 

      Good luck with your application!

    3. CarolynR.EmoryDABSN21


      Hey not that it really matters to me but did you ever have clinicals or classes on the weekends? Or were you able to do your clinicals during open times you had during the week? Someone told me they did all their clinicals on weekends only but then someone else said you can just do them on weekdays only.

      Also do you have any scholarships you would recommend? I got accepted to start in May but have not accepted yet because a lot of nurses have told me to find a cheaper program that there is no reason to be paying 70K for only 12 months. You have any thoughts on that like looking back would you pick this program again or go for a cheaper option? 

    4. kayji

      kayji, BSN

      Hi @sneverett5!

      Clinicals are different with Emory's DABSN than most nursing programs. Since (after the first trip to ATL) you are working 1-on-1 with a preceptor, you will have clinical on the days your preceptor is scheduled to work. So, basically there is no way to say when your clinical will be. You just have to plan around the classes and your preceptor's schedule to make sure you get the required number of hours in during the weeks allotted for each rotation. 

      As for scholarships, I don't think there are many options since it's a second degree program (and scholarships tend to be focused towards first degree students). I strongly agree with everyone has told you to look for a cheaper option. The only reason I considered Emory's program was because I had GI bill benefits to help pay. If I didn't have that, I would have looked for something cheaper as well. Emory's program is great and working in my community was exactly what I wanted, but if you have a community college or in state BSN option I think that would make a lot more sense financially for most people. Some people have money to throw at private college tuition, but taking out loans is tough way to start your nursing career.

  11. This is certainly a choice you can make, but it would be better to make it with all the info. By that, I mainly mean what would be required to switch now vs. later. Monday is coming pretty quick, but that is enough time to collect some info and at le...
  12. Are you familiar with a concept called the sunken cost fallacy? It's the idea that people will keep doing something simply because they have invested time/effort/money into even though the end result might not be worth the time/effort/money that it t...
  13. kayji

    wondering if I should buy a new scientific calc

    That sounds like a waste of money. You don't need to the scientific functionality, graphing equations, finding intercepts, etc. I used the built in windows calculator for all the math to get through my nursing program.
  14. kayji

    Hospitals & Letter of Recommendation

    Every place I've ever had to get recommendations for only wanted the contact information for my recommenders. What they actually want from the recommenders varies a lot. Some have a form with all kinds of stuff to fill out while others just wanted an...
  15. kayji

    ABSN vs Traditional BSN

    It is possible to transfer in to some traditional BSN programs, but it depends on the school. My school has both an ABSN and transfer option, they are basically the same in terms of classes. The ABSN continues during the Summer, but they are both 4 s...