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  1. lowlanderRN

    How are you managing your documents?

    Thanks for the responses! I'm new to this site so let me introduce myself and explain why I asked. I'm John, a travel ER nurse (five years) and Co-Founder at Kamana. Kamana is a free credential management tool for travel nurses to manage our entire professional portfolio and share with recruiters, along with preferences on what we’re looking for in our next contract (location, shift, pay, etc.). No more duplicate conversations and repeated job applications. It’s an efficient, data-secure platform. So it's similar to this PIACET app but specific to travel nursing. I would LOVE to know what you all think and I’m excited to be a part of this group - thanks for having me! www.kamanahealth.com
  2. lowlanderRN

    How are you managing your documents?

    Hey fellow travelers! I'm curious to how you all (new and experienced travelers) are managing your nursing documents that are specific to your nursing career as a traveler. Things like certifications, licenses, health records, skills checklists. Where are you storing them, how do you share them with current and potential new employers, and how to do set reminders to know when things are expiring. Thanks!