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    Unhappy as new NP

    Seeking some advice. I’m a new acute care NP and have been at my job about 1.5 years. I had almost 10 years icu experience prior to this. I’m finding myself struggling with the responsibility and feel nervous all the time, even though I’m supposedly doing a fine job. I don’t like the work life balance with young kids at home and am not a happy mom even when I am home because I’m worried about my next shift. I don’t think acute cate was the right track for me. I’m writing to find out 1) Can acute care nps work in other settings? 2) can anyone recommend types of acute care jobs that may be somewhat less stressful? (I know the grass is always greener and every job has stress, I just don’t think being around patients that tank any minute is for me...obviously should have figured that out earlier). 3) would it be stupid for me to go back to nursing in something that I would feel less stressed in And award me more time with my family? 4) or is this all normal for new Np and should except to improve and I should just stick it out?