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  1. MoeNoons

    Central Line Securement Devices

    Thanks! My apologies, I should have been more specific. Does anyone make it an issue if the entire securement device is not under the transparent dressing? Like for and IJ where one is dealing with limited space. Moe
  2. MoeNoons

    Central Line Securement Devices

    Do you place the securement device for a central line under the transparent dressing or can it be outside the transparent dressing?
  3. MoeNoons

    CLABSI issues

    Hi all, This is a question regarding CLABSI prevention. What have you/your facility implemented to decrease CLABSIs? How are you tracking that CVC line maintenance procedures are being followed? Do you use CHG baths? Do you have a policy/practice about use of the femoral artery? My asking deals with a group of CLABSIs that have occurred and when I investigated them, I found no commonalities among them. I am looking for ideas to bring to committee. Thank you! MoeNoons