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    Everything went crazy

    So at change of shift transport comes to pick up my patient , well I was never made aware transportation was set up I was still waiting for my patient to get placement at a snf. And as I am giving report on 1 of my 4, transportation is waiting . No paperwork is ready. So now I have to give report and do all the discharge paperwork for a snf which I've never done before .I start doing all the paperwork and after a hectic mission complete it. Then the new nurse helps remove the iv and tele box . I was told specifically the iv was a iv but when it was removed it was a central line way to long to be a iv. No big deal .possibly ? Now as I am at home all I can think was he supposed to go with iv antibiotics ? Did he need that central line . Rookie mistake I dont remember is he should've gone home with any? Is this a big mistake cause the snf would send him back if he needed iv access right ? I'm sure I will double check next time any advice I feel down for forgetting to check something simple