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  1. United States university FNP

    I have not heard nice things about chamberlain. I currently know 5 of their students who are now in USU. Walden does not have a good reputation with most clinical sites. Most people say they are a diploma mill. Colorado technical university is curren...
  2. United States university FNP

    That is weird. I would ask to speak to someone else. As long as Alabama is not on the list of states that are ineligible to attend (like New york), I see no problem here.
  3. United States university FNP

    Do you currently live in California? You do need a valid RN license and BSN to apply.
  4. United States university FNP

    Thank you for your patience. I started USU's FNP program after coming on this thread and discussing with you. So far I have had no complaints and I am glad that I started. You have provided more than enough information on here.
  5. United States university FNP

    I am starting 9/3 as well. I am feeling all those same emotions. I know it will be fine once we get into a routine. Good luck to you too 🙂👍
  6. United States university FNP

    Anyone starting September? Do we hv a FB group or watsapp? Pls share if there is one. TIA
  7. Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    You make some points that are often ignored. Most nurses have to work overtime to earn what most NPs earn. Most people also do not talk about the wear and tear on the body that comes with bedside nursing.
  8. Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    I heard this alot when going to nursing school. "Dont do it for the money" If none of us cared about the money, we would all work for free. I want to be able to provide for my family and not incur unneccessary debt that would not yield any profits in...
  9. Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    Thank you for the words of wisdom. I honestly dont see myself as a PMHNP. My dream has always been to work in primary care and with the elderly. I will go with my passion and just hope for the best.
  10. Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    I read this thread from beginning to the end and I have got to say I am terrified of going on to NP. I am already enrolled and set up to start an FNP program in September, but this thread scares me. I dont want to spend more money on the degree and e...

    I know this is unrelated but which school did you attend? Trying to decide on a school. The only affordable one I found was United States Uni. Any input is appreciated. Thank you
  12. United States university FNP

    I totally understand this, but I am of the opinion that some valuable information needs to be taught at some point in the program. Its not all dependent on the student otherwise why pay for a degree when we could stay at home and read the textbooks o...
  13. United States university FNP

    So I asked about the pass rates at USU and received this. Is this good enough? Does this program prepare students well for the boards. Would hate to spend so much on a program and not be able to pass the boards. "We do not have pass rates online as t...
  14. United States university FNP

    Do you guys know of other accelerated FNP programs in the same price range as USU. Not being able to take two classes the first year is a bummer. I am looking to finish in less than 2 years. Please and thank you!
  15. United States university FNP

    So I am enrolled and they told me they no longer allow students to double up in the first year.