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    Advice for CRNA

    Thank you- that makes me really hopeful!
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    Advice for CRNA

    I have applied to a couple schools recently and quickly realized my GPA is completely subpar. I am waiting to hear back from TWU and Newman who I have spoken with a lot. I am starting a graduate level chem/phys for anesthesia and plan on taking another science class to boost my science gpa. My overall GPA is 3.1 with a science GPA 2.5. After retaking these classes I will have a science GPA of 3.3. I have 2 years experience in a CVICU with post open heart, EVMO specialist, LVADs, and everything in between. I scored a 300 on GRE and will also retake to see if I can get higher. I volunteer with a mobile healthcare clinic and am on the unit based council participating in new protocols and research for unit and patient improvement. Any advice? I was denied two interviews specifically for my GPA which I knew going in would be a problem. I got married, worked full time night shift as a tech, had a baby, and divorced all in my undergrad but without skipping a beat in nursing school to get my bachelors. Should i I take more science classes? Math classes? My concern is I can retake as many undergrad classes but I can’t re-do four years and come out with a 3.8 GPA.