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  1. Mom2boysNJ

    RAMP program question

    RAMP does not assist with job placement. If during your evaluation you are diagnosed with a substance use disorder you can typically qualify for medical disability for a few months. RAMP sometimes does pass on information about employers who are willing to hire RAMP nurses, but that does not help when you do not have an active license. If you are considering changing careers to one that requires a license (even not in healthcare) not completing RAMP could cause issues with any other license requiring career. There are many old posts on here regarding that and you should review those before you make any decisions.
  2. Mom2boysNJ

    RAMP program question

    Typically you will not be working in any nursing position for the first 4-5 months. You will have to suspend your nursing license when you enter RAMP. Depending on your evaluation you may be required to complete an IOP program and/or 90 days of 12-step meeting. During the time you will undergo random drug testing , typically 3 times a month. After completing this satisfactorily you will need to do a Return to Work process with you peer group (which you meet with weekly for 1 hour online throughout the program). If they recommended that you are safe to return to work and your case manager agrees, then RAMP notifies the board of nursing that your license can be reinstated. Many times there is a big delay from when the board is notified to when they actually reinstate your license. You can not apply for any jobs until your license is reinstated and your case manager has to approve the job. Many nurses in RAMP are employed in dialysis, case management, office settings, and long term care. Hope this info help. Good luck!
  3. Mom2boysNJ

    I completed the program!

    Due to alcohol produced by fermentation, soy sauce has an alcohol content between 1-2%.
  4. Mom2boysNJ

    KNAP and Sponsorship during COVID

    On Tuesday nights at 8pm EST on the website Intherooms.com there is a web based meeting called "Nurses Helping Nurses" There are nurses from many states on the meeting all in recovery. You can maybe ask during that meeting if there is someone there in Kansas willing to sponsor you, or even someone willing to be a temporary sponsor until you find a sponsor. Good luck!
  5. Mom2boysNJ

    Tnpap and drinking

    Odds again very low. Agree with the others who suggested not notifying your case manager as it will likely bring on the level of testing that you are currently inquiring about.
  6. Mom2boysNJ

    Tnpap and drinking

    If that is all you had, and nothing more in the weeks prior to that, the odds are very low that it would be detected in a blood PETH test. A standard drink has 14g of alcohol. 1/4th of a drink would have 4gm (rounding up) of alcohol. If you were theoretically thin at 110 lb (50kg), your intake of alcohol would be 0.08g/kg. (4g/50kg). At any weight above that your value would be lower than 0.08g/kg. This research article shows positive PETH detection for 3-12 days after a single binge drinking episode of 1g/kg which you did not even come close to. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27596747/ Use this scare as a lesson going forward. Bring your own bottled drinks to any party or gathering and keep it with you at all times. You need to always be vigilant to stay safe in these monitoring programs. You can do this!
  7. Mom2boysNJ

    Graduate School

    New Jersey allows
  8. Mom2boysNJ

    Like PRN?

    You may be overthinking this. Full-time with 12 hour shifts is usually 3 shifts a week (which would be a minimum of 144 hours per month at 36×4) Part time is usually 3 shifts every 2 weeks (so minimum of 72 hours a month at 36×2). Either scenario would provide your minimum required hours. The issue with PRN ir per diem status is that you do not have any guaranteed hours and it usually involves a permanent float status where you may not have any assigned unit and therefore supervision can not be achieved. You could be part time and pick up extra shifts here and there on your assigned unit as long as you don't go over your maximum amout of hours per week as outlined by your monitoring program. Hope this helps.
  9. Mom2boysNJ

    TNPAP Monitoring Agreement

    Just wondering if Birchwood fees are the same throughout the country. In NJ our Birchwood fees are $110 monthly or $300 quarterly. Extremely expensive in my opinion. Are the Birchwood fees the same in your state?
  10. Mom2boysNJ

    Covid 19

    In NJ testing has not been suspended and if anything we appear to be getting tested more frequently at 3 times a month instead of twice a month since February. Many Quest Labs have closed and hours are being reduced making testing all the more difficult in a state hit hard by COVID. I would rather this though, instead of a suspended monitoring program where your time served stops and therefore delays the program completion.
  11. Mom2boysNJ

    Fed up!!

    That article is not a scientific study does not in anyway support frequent hand sanitizer use resulting in positive PETH tests. It is results of PETH tests from 3 people in whom PETH levels were obtained by fingerprick for dried blood spot testing. At best it shows if you use alcohol sanitizers as preparation prior to a fingerprick (who knows if the let it dry as no methods detailed) PETH test level can faslely elevate further from a baseline elevated level. The brief article is suspicious as it provides the PETH levels of the 2 drinkers after soap and water which would be their baseline PETH and which are both appropriately elevated and then higher PETH values after alcohol containing hand sanitizer preparation prior to blood spot testing. But in their "declared teetotaler" they don't provide a soap and water PETH which should be negative , they instead provide 2 elevated PETH blood spot levels after 2 types of alcohol hand sanitizer. Very misleading!
  12. Mom2boysNJ

    Panicked. Missed check in

    In addition to explaining what happened they also like to hear what your plan is to prevent a missed check in from happening again.
  13. Mom2boysNJ

    PSA: Online AA Meetings w/ Free Verifications

    Thank you Kat! I have attended in person SMART recovery meetings independent of my monitoring program requirements and have found them to be a great alternative program to 12-step meetings in providing a program to maintain sobriety and recovery. It makes no sense for some state programs to mandate 12-step meetings only as a program requirement when we all know that recovery is not a one size fits all. SMART recovery should be a program choice in lieu of 12-steps. Being that NJ requires 12-step programs, I have explored more online options and have found https://www.intherooms.com/home/live-meetings/ which offers many online meetings with free attendance verification for anyone else needing online 12 step meetings.
  14. Mom2boysNJ

    COVID 19 and Monitoring Programs

    COVID testing will not be done at outpt lab sites such as Quest or LabCorp due to the public risk that would present.
  15. Mom2boysNJ

    COVID 19 and Monitoring Programs

    I am wondering how any of these monitoring programs will handle a scenario where one of us is required to self quarantine due to COVID illness or exposure and therefore cannnot test if we were selected during the quarantine period.
  16. Mom2boysNJ

    Can I become a NP? RN on probation

    Hi, In NJ's RAMP program, I know of several RNs who completed their NP programs and obtained their APN licenses and gained successful employment as nurse practitioners while in our 5 year program. The restrictions on their RN licenses and employment (no overnight shifts, no overtime, and required supervisor on site) were continued in their NP practice until they successfully completed the monitoring program. I would think this could vary state to state. Good luck!