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  1. Victoria0604

    YVCC Fall 2018

  2. Victoria0604

    WSU fall 2020?

    What was you GPA like?
  3. Victoria0604

    YVCC Fall 2018

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with the application process? I just wanted to make sure everything was complete!
  4. Victoria0604

    YVCC Fall 2018

  5. Victoria0604

    Yakima Valley College fall 2020

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone else is applying for the fall 2020 nursing program at YVC in Yakima, Washington? I have recently completed my prereqs and wanted to maybe share information/ get advice for others so we can help each other out during this process! I know how to calculate points with the new point system they are using for accepting students. If anyone is interested let me know and I will comment the formula 🙂
  6. Victoria0604

    WSU fall 2020?

    Wow thank you so much for replying :,) glad to know you are in WSU! Are you still a student there? What campus did you go to? Thanks!!!’
  7. Victoria0604

    WSU fall 2020?

    Hello! I just wanted to know if anyone on here is applying to WSU ( Washington State University ) fall 2020 program! Or if anyone has been accepted here before would like to share their stats, that would be helpful! I have a 3.7 for currently and have yet to take my teas but I will sometime next month! How important are gpa and what teas score is recommended I want to apply to the Yakima campus and if anyone wants to be friends LMK!

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