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  1. ST wanting to do BIM's

    I have been asked by my DOR and seen it posted other places where ST is asking to do the BIM's assessment (so they can do it on day 1 or 2 of admission) so they can hopefully have a better chance a capturing the <12 BIM's score for the ST payment ...
  2. How does Hospice affect CMI score

    Talino, thank you for you response. I have looked on my state website (MS) and can't seem to find an exact answer. Frustrating, you wouldn't think that answer would be that hard to locate.
  3. Starting WKU's ONLINE Lpn-RN Program!

    I am interested in an Online LPN to RN Bridge program however I live in Mississippi. Are the clinical's only done at WKU campus or can you do clinical's outside of WKU at a given facility?
  4. How does Hospice affect CMI score

    I work in a Medicaid only LTC(no skilled residents). In the past we have not taken Hospice patients but we are about to start. How will hospice patients impact the CMI. I know they will require an MDS just like everyone else but being that their stay...
  5. Section N0450B - GDR

    A GDR has to be attempted at least once a year. If one has been attempted on a resident in the past I typically go back to that date and look forward from there.