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  1. G tube drainage question

    Hello all, Question from my personal life. I have been helping my aunt who had emergency surgery in August to correct a bowel obstruction and have run into many complications along the way including a dehisced midline incision, infection, baseball si...
  2. New nurse on-boarding

    Hi, I was wondering if other SNF's out there had TMAs training new RNs? Ours just started and I don't agree with this policy. I plan on going to speak to our staff development nurse about this Friday and was hoping to hear other nurses perspectives.
  3. New nurse on-boarding

    Hi all, Question to the SNF nurses out there - does your facility use TMAs to train new RNs? My facility is doing so and I have emailed staff development, DON & CEO about this matter because I feel strongly about this. I plan on coming in and spe...