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Formerly known as ®Nurse on this site. I’m currently enrolled in a DNP/FNP program.

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RN. has 30 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Perianesthesia.

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  1. RN.

    Hired as a PNP, forced to work as an RN

    I am at a slow burn after getting to this point. One poster said it best: Do the Physicians take turns working as MA's? They're certainly capable enough, I would hope. FIRST – what I would do would be to secure written documentation that you are being “forced” (or similar language) to perform RN functions in the clinic. Not only that, but the documentation should state that you often work as an RN and as an NP at the same time. There should not be an issue with this if everything is above board. This will come in handy sometime in the future. Especially if there is any funny business when you go on to a new employer. How many times do we nurses hear “If it ain’t documented…..it didn’t happen”. Be prepared to have the clinic deny they are doing this if there's nothing documented. SECOND – you need to go onto your company’s website and write down their Core Values, their Mission Statement, and their Vision Statement. Then you’re going to try and marry those to their need to either let you work as an NP, or start having MD’s filling in for shots and checking b/p’s. You’re not a cost burden on the clinic anymore as an RN would be - - -you are an NP, and therefore, you make the clinic money. Your NP license puts actual dollars in their pocket. Not so with the RN – as the RN is just the cost of having to do business. THIRD - - Do you have malpractice insurance? If so, you can call the malpractice insurance number and ask what your liability is working in such a blended role. You may find yourself being enlightened with that phone call. You are no longer an RN. You are a Nurse Practitioner, who, I might add, is fully privileged at your facility. Whether you prescribe a med or administer that medication to a patient, you WILL be standing in front of a panel of your peers (Nurse Practitioner) and answering to any issues that come up once your name is on that chart. FOURTH - - Can you do telemedicine in your area? Blessings on your day - - (I wish you well, because I think I am P.O.’d enough for the both of us). RN.
  2. RN.

    Anyone Using 'Doctor' Title at Work?

    I would have to say that the majority of patients KNOW what a nurse practitioner is because we have used the title for many years. The longer we drag our feet with permissive ignorance of the title "Dr." for DNP/NP's, the longer the ignorance continues. Just like herd immunity, if enough people learn that nurses can have Dr. in front of their name just like medical doctors, then there won't be this blanket ignorance of the term and "poof"! No more confusion!. It is literally self-perpetuating, and we contribute to the cycle. Use the title that you earned, and don't let someone else's fluff DNP program define your DNP program. Mine's certainly's not fluff. I've been in nursing long enough to remember that we used to stand when the "Doctor" entered the room when we were nursing students. Our behinds better not be on a chair when they walked in or else! I'll introduce myself as Dr [me], Nurse practitioner to my patients because that's what the degree on the wall says.
  3. RN.

    Nebraska FNP Hospitalist in RURAL setting

    What an awesome idea verene. I am very willing to travel to a remote outpost if necessary to get the experience. I will approach the guidance professor at my college. Also, no, there isn’t a specific “rural health” track available. thank you! .RN
  4. RN.

    Nebraska FNP Hospitalist in RURAL setting

    Thank you, Nebraska is in the process of addressing this issue https://www.unmc.edu/news.cfm?match=20859 however, this program is only open for current UNMC NP students 😕 Keeping fingers crossed that something will be available for graduates of FNP programs sometime soon. .RN
  5. RN.

    Nebraska FNP Hospitalist in RURAL setting

    Thank you kindly for responding to my question with the suggestions. I thought I would update you on this link: https://cchealth.org/residency/ which refers to primary care for rural medicine, as it is only for Medical School graduates, and is not open for Nurse Practitioners. (Bummer). I did email the only link that was listed on the CoCo county website. This is in my backyard as well, as I am in the bay area (currently). I was aware of the UOP "fast track" FNP to Acute NP, which led me to my question of how to get the FNP acute care experience in the first place. If you ever come across anything further, either you or anyone who happens across this message string - please feel free to update potential leads. Thank you, .RN
  6. Hello, I’ve spent several months looking through different websites, looking in the Nebraska Health and Human Services website for Nurse Practitioner, looking through current practice standards in the state, and I cannot find anything definitive on what I need to “Start” with as an FNP in the rural hospital setting. My specific question is: Can I start in a rural hospital as an FNP and qualify for an Acute Care N P Fast Track certificate program, or an ENP certificate program, OR, am I dead in the water with my FNP, and have to start from scratch with an entire Acute Care NP program after graduating with my FNP? I am currently a DNP/FNP enrolled student, with an anticipated graduation date of Spring 2021. I want to obtain my FNP because I am #1. Already enrolled in an FNP program, #2. Want to be able to care of all age groups. I have spent almost 25 out of a 28 year career in the acute care setting in ICU, Med/Surg, Telemetry, PACU, Mother Baby, etc….. I don’t want to part with my hospital patients. I want to have my own practice (eventually), but I also want to be able to be a hospitalist. What do you recommend?
  7. RN.

    The film: Vaxxed.

    MunoRN, I agree. This is the stumbling block that those without an understanding of how a research project is conducted, have difficulty wrapping their heads around: - - - What exactly, Wakefield did wrong. Unless you have a background in research, such as the lay public, And Some of us in the nursing profession, you really cannot grasp how profoundly unethical and poorly-strung-together Wakefield's study was. As I've said before, there are those who desperately wanted Wakefield to be right. Unfortunately, Wakefield's study was so amazingly flawed, that even using Wakefield's own lab failed to reproduce the results that Wakefield claimed.
  8. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!! What do you think goes on in the "C" Suite?! This describes a typical day for a CEO, CFO, etc. At least the unit secretaries are on MY side.
  9. RN.

    The film: Vaxxed.

    Controversial Vaxxed film premieres in New York despite scientists' outcry | Society | The Guardian ...."The film is directed by British former doctor Andrew Wakefield, whose retracted and debunked study of a dozen children asserted that there is a link between the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and autism." ....Film-makers hope the first showing of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe will stir enough interest to warrant wider release" ...."The film was screened despite a lack of scientific evidence to buttress its conclusions: that vaccines are dangerous and responsible for rising autism rates." Wakefield invited the children of the parents over to his house who were suing the manufacturer of which he stood to gain tons of money with a guilty verdict. He held a party for the children and paid each $5 to let him draw their blood for his study. He ran a pathetically disorganized lab, which sought to prove that the vaccine linked the MMR vaccine to Autism. Numerous scientists have tried in vain to replicate Wakefield's study-EVEN USING THE EXACT SAME LAB AND PROTOCOLS - as Wakefield did without a lick of success. There ARE scientists out there who desperately wanted Wakefield to be correct.....and could not come up with the same results as Wakefield. Wakefield violated so many ethics during his study that the Lancet pulled his study and the medical community finally roundly drummed him out of medicine. It is inconceivable that anyone who has an ounce of knowledge about the scientific process, would want to waste their time and money to see a film put on by the very man who disgraced himself so soundly. Post note: I did my OWN research into Wakefield sloppy study through a real literature search that did not include "Google" as my engine. (EBSCO, PubMed, etc). This information is easily obtainable should someone (a vaccine skeptic) like to wander into validated and accurate information.
  10. My class got to learn how to start up and shut down a computer. (This was before the Internet). We received instruction on how to type something on screen and to then print. (On a dot-matrix printer). Hoo Boy, was that cutting edge stuff! LOL.
  11. RN.

    When to Get Pregnant

    Nursing school is about 4 years. Children are about 18 years. Would you rather wait 4yrs to have children, 18yrs to start nursing school, or combine the two somewhere between q2 hour feedings, and daily errands, trips to music lessons, soccer practice, and working around whatever employment situation that you are in at the time?
  12. RN.

    The film: Vaxxed.

    If they came up with a really good vaccination against Ebola, and an outbreak occurred within your community, would you agree with forced vaccinations then?
  13. RN.

    The film: Vaxxed.

    I feel like I should get an award or something for reading through all of the posts to where I'm at now and not having replied to some of the über-incredible ignorance of insurmountable scientific evidence. It was as painful as I can imagine it would be to watch someone explain electricity to a belligerent Neanderthal. Vaccines are an improvement on the quality and length of your time here on earth. Vaccines are available for all of the following vaccine-preventable diseases: Anthrax Cervical Cancer (Human Papillomavirus) Diphtheria Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Influenza (Flu) Japanese encephalitis (JE) Measles Meningococcal Mumps Pertussis Pneumococcal Polio Rabies Rotavirus Rubella Shingles (Herpes Zoster) Smallpox Tetanus Typhoid Tuberculosis (TB) Varicella (Chickenpox) Yellow Fever Just like birth control is not 100% effective, neither are vaccines. Do not go out and tell people that they shouldn't get vaccinated - that is YOUR decision. To the anti-vaxx'r: What possible purpose could you have for coming onto an online nursing forum and stating that a Hollywood movie is going to refute hundreds of thousands of hours of medical research into the efficacy and benefit vs risk of the prevention of disease? The medical establishment generates way more income from the result of your types convincing people to risk getting a disease than from the people who ignore you and vaccinate to prevent disease.
  14. RN.

    The film: Vaxxed.

    This topic just sends my blood pressure up. I have a certain family member who was being very 'vocal' on Facebook about anti-vax nonsense UNTIL another family member died from meningitis. (The 16 year old only got prevnar-7). I cannot stress enough how important vaccines are.
  15. RN.

    RN to Teacher

    I went from ADN to MSN/CNL, and immediately got in to a full time faculty position at a college for nursing. I. Love. It. Once you have that degree, the barriers fall away.
  16. RN.

    California student: is a $30k LPN "worth it"

    You can take remedial classes, if needed, at the community college for your LPN/LVN. You will take a placement test at the college, and will then learn what you need to focus on. Do NOT pay that God-Awful amount of money for something that can be obtained for a tiny, tiny fraction of that amount. Speaking with former instructors from the for-profit schools that charge you the ridiculous amounts of money to attend their programs; what you DONT KNOW IS that they purposely wait until the very end to fail a student who was obviously not going to pass early on in the program. You're still on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars whether you pass or not. You are MUCH safer, and more supported at a local community college.