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  1. :EDIT: Thank you all for your replies! I talked with my manager today and as it turns out, I was unaware of how the time log/shift times work. The "override" I was seeing are the automatic shift times put in by the time-log software (0700-1900) put in for every employee. I was also under the impression that the 30 minute breaks were paid, however, they are unpaid. The unpaid break times make up most of what I thought was incidental overtime. I am paid as a regular employee and do get paid for any overtime I accumulate (this pay period had 25 min overtime). Thanks again for the replies, and I am happy that I am being paid fairly as an employee XD
  2. I will see what they say. Where I work, the shifts end at exactly 1900 and in the ER I'm at, there is just NO way to clock out right on time most days.
  3. I also want to make it clear that I NEVER hang around the hospital after my shift, running the time clock. I end up leaving late most days due to the fact that ERs are busy and we never get out right at 1900. I always clock out before my preceptors do, as well.
  4. I have recently started my first job as a nurse in an ER. My orientation is around 14 weeks, and I have been (and will be) working full time (40 hrs/ week, 80 hrs/pay period). I went to "accept" my first time card and I noticed that all of my time spent working in the hospital is rounded down to exactly 12 hours a day, every day, even on the days I have had to stay over 30 min-1 hour. For example... My first shift time card is 0659-1948 (pt had a seizure during shift rounds and I HAD to stay over), and it was rounded down on my time card to 0700-1900. I am being paid for exactly 80 hours, when in reality, I have worked about 83-84ish hours over the past two weeks. All other employees get time and 1/2 for anything over 80 hours/pay period. I will talk to my manager tomorrow at work, but I don't want to sound rude or "greedy" asking why I am not getting anything for working overtime. However, since I am an orientee, I can not voluntarily sign up for overtime shifts, but I still think it is strange that I am receiving nothing at all for extra hours worked??