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  1. CaliGirlinTX

    WGU prelicensure Dallas

    Hi Sarahlouise316. I was told that WGU counselor would notify us early September for the Nov 2019 cohort. Have you heard anything?
  2. CaliGirlinTX

    Texas Tech-Accelerated BSN Spring 2020

    I just turned in my application this weekend. I received notification that the school downloaded my transcripts last week but they still have to be applied to my application. I'll call the school tomorrow to make sure that all is okay since I submitted things backwards. I just read all of the posts. It was mentioned that there are 30 spots open for Dallas. I need to watch the webinar; it sounds like good information was provided. I did not know TT had a webinar so I am thankful for the person that posted the link.
  3. CaliGirlinTX

    Texas Tech-Accelerated BSN Spring 2020

    Hi Sammie & JillHill. Good luck to you both! After reading some of the previous posts, it sounds like a lot of people have a chance of getting interviewed, as long as they meet application requirements. Did you both turn in your applications?
  4. CaliGirlinTX

    Texas Tech-Accelerated BSN Spring 2020

    Hi Olivia! I am happy to hear that you are doing much better and will start the January 2020 cohort! I applied to the Dallas campus. Do you know how often classes meet on-campus each week? What about clinicals? Do you have a syllabus you can share? It would be nice to have an idea of what to expect between family life and school. Thanks so much & blessings.
  5. CaliGirlinTX

    Texas Tech-Accelerated BSN Spring 2020

    Hi Everyone! I wish you all the best to get into the January 202 cohort. Is anyone applying to Texas Tech's Dallas campus?