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  1. What, exactly please, is radical freedom? Is it different from freedom?
  2. OMG. You are saddened that people value health more than freedom. Are you chaneling Laura Ingraham? Really Laura, is that you? One is never free to kill in out society. Life is the highest right. Freedom is a word than is cheap and misunderstood. No one has absolute freedom. People who break the social contract are really just superfluous.
  3. Financiers are warning about a bubble. Cheap mortgages may have created a monster. Looks like 2008 all over again.
  4. Undercat

    Rant About Covid Antivaxxers

    We do not have the freedom to kill others. People who deliberately spread HIV are in prison...where they belong. They need their own walled state where they only have to live with each other. Let them have "total freedom." It would be Lord of the Flies within 2 days.
  5. Undercat

    Rant About Covid Antivaxxers

    Make vaccination mandatory for entrance to hospital. You can be cared for by your family in the Covid tent. Maybe nurses who refuse vaccination could work there postponing their eventual firings. My dream.
  6. I have no idea what your last two sentences mean. Sarcasm is really difficult to translate into posting so I would recommend that you say what you mean and you mean what you say. Even emoticons would help. And I don't mean the horse example which is perfectly clear.
  7. RQ, loved the graphics in this article. I recommend The Premonition to everyone. Michael Lewis writes about the original pandemic team of 2005 (Trump dismantled but some of his advisors used them behind his back) and how the concept of social distancing was derived.
  8. 3.8 BILLION vaccine doses have ben given in the world. That speaks for itself. Do you believe you are being lied to about it's safety? If you believe that the entire world collaborated to keep the truth from you, well that's just entering the Twilight Zone.
  9. Wait a minute. I can't follow your logic here. Yes, you are right ((somewhat) that no one knows how long vaccine immunity will last" but what does that have to do with not wanting the vaccine because you already had Covid? And you are also somewhat correct that you do have some immunity after infection. However , how do you know if it will last 3 months, 6 months or longer? How will you know when it's gone? The fact is that we don't have a test for public use that is accurate enough to market so it's not like we can monitor it ourselves. Your elderly aunt or anyone else may have a side effect because they didn't know they had Covid recently before getting the vaccine. These folks can have an exaggerated inflammatory response and if they are physiologically aged and fragile, that's a problem. Fortunately you are retired and can lay low forever, but the question would be more complicated if you were still doing patient care. If anyone came to my house and told me they weren't vaccinated, I wouldn't let them in because I have a small house and couldn't stay far enough away and Delta is in my community. Good luck with that post-Covid immunity. If you were sick enough to have pneumonia it is likely to last longer since uou were so sick.
  10. Undercat

    I've posted here before and gotten fantastic advice

    All of the positions you have listed require experience with the exception of 1...the OR. If you are techy, it is the place for you since you will have to troubleshoot problems but there is a lot of time on the computer.
  11. We put all sorts of crap on or into our bodies every day. I wouldn't call you selfish for not taking it but, at this point, I would call you ignorant or in the wrong job for a germaphobe:) The vaccine is an incredible step for mankind. And we aren't talking about a vaccine for acne. Covid, at his point, is an uncurable disease that will only linger as unvaccinated people expose everyone to more dangerous mutants. Worldwide pandemic is an unusual killer that requires unusual answers. Would you take it if you were guaranteed that a body part might fall off? If the answer is yes then think of Covid as a destroyer of brain, heart and respiratory tissue that may or may not ever be repaired. No one wants to take something new but we did it to stay intact because health care people were subjected to high viral loads at work. At this point, I don't think you have a valid case against it...whether you want to work with patients or not.
  12. Undercat

    Natural Immunity

    IRN is a Fox News in Israel. It is a religious right publication not dependent on anything factual. First question I asked was Hmmm. How does that article conform to the science since it is antithetical to what real live studies tell us? Research is really hard, but measurement of antibody titres between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated is pretty easy and it's been done already. When one "study contradicts every other, be skeptical. Praise Jesus that only 20% of Israel are zealots or they would have been wiped of the map by now.
  13. Undercat

    Crushing Burden of Regulatory Compliance on Healthcare

    The nursing profession has fallen so far because of the staffing crisis..just calling it what it is. Someone in D.C. needs to put together a commission who would define the problem and change the conditions that make health care undesirable. My personal favorite New Rule would be that redundancy in charting needs to stop. No vital sign should appear twice on any chart. Nurses have the numbers to make a difference but we have far too little voice. The ANA is a lackluster organization that doesn't seem to do much for working nurses. What would it take? Strikes for sanity in the paperwork that is bringing providers to their knees.
  14. Undercat

    Crushing Burden of Regulatory Compliance on Healthcare

    There are other options besides JHACO but they might make a point of short staffing so go with the accrediting agency that's happy to shut up in exchange for getting thir bill paid. This is pure politics at it's worst. I don't know if anyone in Congress wants to start this battle since it's member collect contributions from hospital associations.
  15. Undercat

    Crushing Burden of Regulatory Compliance on Healthcare

    Hah, the 90's. I started in the 70's when the patient paid a flat fee for the day. We didn't charge for each and every item used. Charting consisted of short paragraphs that challenged the charter to be concise and useful. All hospitals had a Director of Nursing who was a nurse. Good times.
  16. Your hospital is displaying symptoms of the early stages of being closed down. Is it part of a group that would like to dump the expense of managing it?