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Undercat has 41 years experience as a BSN, MSN, CRNA and specializes in Retired.

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  1. A lot of us have done this intuitively for years with a couple of IV bags under the shoulders. This pillow is surely more elegant but would also be just something else to go look for during a critical time.
  2. Undercat

    CNN: Abortion Performed on Wrong Woman

    I don't believe this and cannot find any evidence online that this practice exists in SK. I believe it is probably political propaganda by their enemies. Eating a dog is very different from skinning a live animal.
  3. Undercat

    CNN: Abortion Performed on Wrong Woman

    Well, fer sure they happen everywhere but not identifying the patient is not one seen wherever one lives. Wrong side of the head craniotomies still happen despite time outs (I don't believe they've made any significant difference) because people are in denial about their ability to make an error and we work in super rushed mode all day).
  4. Undercat

    CNN: Abortion Performed on Wrong Woman

    Thank you. Very interesting perspective. Do we have anything quantitative re: errors in the VA vs. other teaching hospitals?
  5. Undercat

    CNN: Abortion Performed on Wrong Woman

    What in the world does "government run" mean here? Are you implying that a "government run" facility like the VA or a NYC HHC abandons all standards? This is SOUTH Korea, not the North.
  6. Undercat

    Wanting to return to CRNA school

    I have never heard if that..geez, people are allowed to take stuff online so who would care if you took a real face to face with a full lab available to you? My organic lab at the CC was a aexy beast compared to the undergraduate facilities at my previous university.
  7. Undercat

    Extreme anxiety no longer want to be a nurse

    Are you in treatment? You may be bringing the disorder to work as opposed to work bringing the disorder to you. I wouldn't throw your position away until you have had treatment to find out which situation you are in and have a diagnosis.
  8. Let us know if you get the psych job. Thus floating between places 20 minutes apart is ridiculous and stressful..you're not a widget. Nights on psych sounds delicious compared to what you are doing now.
  9. Undercat

    Any nurses wished they had become doctors?

    No. Never. We nurses never have to go to a partners' meeting Lots of squabbling on top of a job that is hard enough.
  10. Undercat

    New nurse - ICU

    It depends on your geographical location and number of nursing programs wherever you apply.
  11. Good for the experienced, "less competent" folks. Guess we aren't moldable enough for the MD's.
  12. OMG. To say nothing of trying to hijack Covid statistics away from CDC directly to WH! We will never make progress if we don't know where we are. I'm not opening a strong drink yet because I don't think he is allowed to usurp public health laws and this is just a lot of huffing and puffing. He thinks he is Maduro and flexing his tiny little fists. To the folks who deride us nurses here who are political, we are only having thus discussion because politics has dictated health care policy.
  13. Just Google herd immunity Covid and you will see a multitude of articles debunking your script. What would happen if your teleprompter is taken away?
  14. This is how scared we were; just threw away our precious Bic pens ( probably $.69 at the time) at the end if the case.
  15. Don't know who didn't know that China is our enemy. Many people weren't happy when Nixon decided that it was worth giving our economy away just so we could sell them Coca-cola. But we have our revenge; diabetes became rampant in children in the following decade. Diabetes is now rampant all over Chna and health care is now around 10% of their budget. Nobody, except people who weren't paying attention, believed that the Chinese government was our friend. If Trump really believed that China was a threat before Covid, why did he allow Ivanka to open her shoe shop in China? If China is so dangerous for us then why didn't he listen to his own staff when warned that it was here? When this national nightmare, will Ivanka re-open her shoe shop in China? We will see, but I already know the answer. If we re-open flights to and from China, their outbreak is swine flu will certainly make it here.
  16. Ventilators kept many people alive. Smart people came up with alternative solutions because of the lack of vents and the experience that this was not ARDS. Where did you get the idea that vents didn't save anyone? Again I ask, what experience do you have working with Covid patients? What ICU experience? Yes you feel the need to denigrate others who actually HAVE to wear PPE and know much more about masks than you do. They actually need them to survive so take the time to learn. Masks to you are a political punch line, not something you have to wear every day because you wouldn't dare to not to. And please don't compare public health to Naziism. That's so ignorant, insulting and demeaning. I just can't see from anything you have written that you are a serious person. Your generation will have to pay for this mess . Not me, I will already be dead but I hate the thought that my younger relatives will have to struggle to maintain a middle class life.

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