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Undercat has 41 years experience as a BSN, MSN, CRNA and specializes in Retired.

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  1. Undercat

    Who Did NOT Do a Year of Med Surg?

    Just wondering.....are nurses in California as apathetic about working med surg with having nurse-patient ratios? Would all this antipathy disappear if nurses never had to take care of more than 4 patients? So, is it the specialty or the working conditions?
  2. Undercat


    Follow your dream and don't let anyone say "No" to you. Just tell them you're in a hurry.
  3. Undercat

    Sick Days?

    Back in the last century I was a DON. If someone called in sick in 3 separate incidents, I'd call them in for a conversation. Perhaps their constitution isn't up to the rigors of floor nursing. And then I'd wait and see if the person got the message and came to work every day for the next 3 months. Message gotten. But a personal conversation might give me more information about this person's legitimate health problems , at which point, I'd try to work with them to exchange a day out for another perhaps. 3 times during probation is a red flag to me.
  4. Undercat

    Was I wrong to report a co-worker?

    No, no, no. You were not wrong! Please help keep our profession honerable.
  5. Has Dallas moved to the West coast? Just the name of this outfit is a red flag.
  6. Undercat

    Patients of gun violence vs others

    Well, one would think that the CDC would have the data on this health hazard, BUT the biggly brilliant Trump administration has actually forbidden them to do any research on this topic. Biggly brilliant.
  7. Undercat

    Help with Staffing Incentives?

    Yes! Doing an extra 12 EVERY week for 6 or 12 weeks...No way. But staying for an extra 2 or 4 hours is compatible with life. But this place sounds like it has a loser reputation as a place to work and they can't attract staff. Fix the reputation and the rest will follow. They're just putting fingers in the dike and there's only so much time a person can spend with their finger in the dike, waiting for it to cave in.
  8. Call me cynical, but time-outs didn't improve anything for anybody. An anxious patient can't be sedated before going into the OR and having a time out when they are usually just watching our lips move and agree to the wrong leg, wrong arm, etc. We have thousands of studies of safety in the OR and yet.....arrogant surgeons are operating on the wrong side of the head.
  9. Undercat

    Can I lose my license over this?

    It's just not a conversation to have in a mall. If you don't want extraordinary measures, then download your paperwork and get it submitted to the parties involved.
  10. Troll. Call us back in ten years when you are an experienced CRNA.
  11. Undercat

    Hope after License Revocation...

    CT anesthesia....all those years. What a soul-sucking experience that must have been. I worked with a much adored MDA in our large corporation who became addicted to Fentanyl and everyone got it because the ugliness of working for a large corporation made most people hate their job; especially those of us who had entered in the 80's before anesthesia became a cut throat business. Thanks you for letting every one on this thread know that there is another life to start after recovery.
  12. Undercat

    Hope after License Revocation...

  13. Undercat

    What do you say?

    There are no secrets on a hospital unit. Everyone already knows. Don't spend the emotional energy it requires to keep a non-secret like that. You've done what you have to do to get back to work. End of story.
  14. Undercat

    ER nurse or OR nurse?

    If you dislike interacting with patients, then you might like OR. It is very task oriented, lots of computer charting, gophering, keeping the hairy eyeball open for disruptions in patient safety. I only know from my own personal experience but we got rid of first assists years ago (hired PA's who can write discharge prescriptions) and RN's not permitted to scrub. They can pay a surgical tech less and they are trained much better since they have their own educational programs. Depending on the size of the OR, you may have to take call which can be a real pain if you live too far away - you'll have to make sleeping arrangements. Long periods of boredom interrupted by brief periods of mad computer clicking.
  15. Undercat

    CPR song

    Donna Summers....She Works Hard for the Money