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Undercat has 41 years experience as a BSN, MSN, CRNA and specializes in Retired.

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  1. Undercat

    Why is BSN required for CRNA?

    There are no bridge programs to obtain a BSN while in CRNA since there is no way to go to CRNA school until one has BSN (few exceptions with BS majors) AND experience.
  2. No kidding? I never knew that. Thanks for letting me know because I didn't know that before. Now I can enjoy being more enlightened . I often repeat "They're so cute when they're young" but that doesn't apply here.
  3. Undercat

    Why is BSN required for CRNA?

    I'll bet the majority of RN's here are not doing anything close to what they thought they would do while they were undergrads. You guys are so cute when you're young:)
  4. No, thank YOU , Klone, for picking JUST the right word. I was busy laughing about nursings' failure to pay enough educational hours devoted to molarity- as if no one here took high school chemistry. Obviously this is a person who sees the zebras as the more important concepts to conjure on.
  5. Undercat

    Plant-based (vegan) mandate for NY hospitals

    Does she realize that olive oil comes from a tree and not a cow?
  6. Undercat

    Is Nursing a Profession?

    How could they be the same? One is 60 credits and one is 120 credits. Do BSN programs no longer require a public health clinical semester?
  7. Undercat

    Millennial Nurses Have Issues

    Older boomer here and I agree with you; younger people are less willing to be oppressed at work and that is a healthy choice. There is just no downside to refusing to be burnt out shells by the time they get home. I see them living in smaller dwellings and eschewing putting on shows. But I am from the Midwest where the women are stronger and the children are all above average:)
  8. Undercat

    Just a Nurse | Life of a Nurse

    All sorts of trades people do jobs with inherent responsibilities (just yesterday I was thinking about the people who install gas lines in tall buildings) BUT they don't have to invest in a 2 or 4 year college degree to have the opportunity to pass a board exam in order to get the job. And even MD's work in shifts, albeit they dont have to clock out which, I doubt, many nurses wouldnt want to disappear because of the loss of overtime.
  9. Undercat

    Is Nursing a Profession?

    Strictly speaking here; professions have a code of ethics and the ability to control the mechanism of entry into the profession. We do have both of the above but need a uniform entry which should be BSN. If we aren't cranking them out every two years perhaps employers will value us more. OR give different board exams to ADN's and BSN'S. ADN'S would consequently become the primary nurses in hospitals. But this doesnt resolve anything since there would still be no incentive for the employer improve working conditions. If BSN'S had to take their own boards, that old argument that we all take the same boards, ergo we are the same would be laid to rest. I'd love to see an experiment done because I'm sure there would be plenty of unintended consequences:)
  10. Undercat

    Just a Nurse | Life of a Nurse

    I didn'r create the phrase. I was referring to the earlier poster who said that the job is a trade. Just saying that the job is what one makes it.
  11. If a nurse is in so much pain that they must take a narcotic continuously, they are too sick to work as a nurse. No employer would want it known that one of their staff was working with a positive drug screen...period. I also don't think that the person using.the narcotic is the best judge of their fitness for duty. Psychometric testing perhaps will become a useful tool but judgement is difficult to evaluate. Please search for a lawyer who has experience with your BON to represent you and good luck.
  12. Undercat

    Just a Nurse | Life of a Nurse

    Just erase the phrase "Just a nurse" from one's vocabulary. I don't know how many nurses are content practice on a trade level but it wouldn't be enough for me.
  13. Undercat

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    Corporate anesthesia groups are constantly being taken over by other groups (sometimes hostile). The newer group never gives you MORE:) My old group had a difficult time recruiting both MDA's and CRNA's but now has somehow snagged 6 residents to solve staffing issues. This won't help CRNA salaries which are stagnant. My program now cranks out almost 5 times the grads it did in the 80's. And some of them come to an old employer of mine for clinicals. I think they should have paid the students to come there instead of the students paying exorbitant ivy league tuition. The quality and passion of the attendings was poor to negligent. Nothing like the days when faculty was looking over your shoulder.
  14. Undercat

    Code Blue: Just Trying Figure Out What Happened?

    The lady was dying when she came in the door and nothing would have made a difference. Levophed usually means leave them dead" because it is a last line measure but actually increases oxygen consumption because of the increase in vasoconstriction. Can't use anything in her case to increase cardiac output because there is not enough heart muscle left to make a difference when she is vasodilated from the fever. Patients with heart failure usually die of.....heart failure.
  15. Undercat

    Leaving before 1 year? Don't know what to do..

    The first year is miserable for EVERYONE:) If you are doing it right, si much time is spent second guessing. Yes, your staffing is terrible and I'm sorry any hospital does that to their nurse but stick with it for the year ....if you can. Make time for a class at a gym, eat clean and make sure you do something dedicated to relaxation every day. Learning self care skills is an essential survival skill of nursing.

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