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  1. Hello, I am a licensed RN for Ohio and California. Have been working travel in California for 6 months. I applied for a new agency to start per diem work in California and just found out I tested positive foramphetamines on my pre-employment drug screen. At first I was confused and told the MRO I have no idea why that would show up and the only meds I take are allergy and sinus meds. Then it dawned on me my teenager takes Adderall and she also takes some of the same allergy meds as me as well. Long story short I am now worried that our meds could have gotten mixed up or a day I asked her to hand me one of our Zyrtec it might have been one of her meds, I don’t know. I keep all of our household meds in the same cabinet and being a single parent of four sometimes I’m handing everyone’s Meds out for the morning or she is. I was told by a friend that this might get me reported to the BON and I may lose my license over this. Can anyone give me advice on what may or may not happen? The MRO states that her job was just to report to the company and it’s at their discretion of what happens next. The recruiter for new agency says she has not heard anything yet and doesn’t know what happens in this situation that she thinks it might be I just reapply in 6 months.