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  1. Hello, So I've taken the NCLEX twice once in 2016 and once just this past week. The first time I took the exam I took both Kaplan and Hurst but felt overwhelmed with it all to be honest. I know its been 3 years now and I am worried to much time has passed since I've been in school and worried about not knowing the content. I studied for about 5 months this time around only using Hurst review because it focuses on content mostly and did just slightly below average on the tests. I have studied every day and felt more confident then the first time I took the exam however I still failed. If anyone has any programs to recommend or even tutors I would greatly appreciate it. I have been looking at UWorld because each question has good rationales and I like that. Also I have been looking at NCSBN learning extension since it comes straight from them. I also heard that there are previous tests from pearson I believe that you can purchase to practice? Thank you for any help