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    CVICU to OR?

  2. bhy7124

    CVICU to OR?

  3. bhy7124

    CVICU to OR?

    Hey everybody, I have been in a CVICU for a little over a year and a half. This was my first job out of school. While I have adjusted for the most part and enjoy some aspects of my job, I knew from the start that I was not a fan of bedside. I am doing my best to really give myself time on this unit to absorb, as there is so much to learn. It has been a wonderful opportunity but soon I'd like to transition into another area. While the grass isn't always greener, I feel ready to try a different path in this career. I've thought about cath lab recently, but since I was younger I have always wanted to be an OR nurse. Anyone switch from ICU or something similar to the OR? If so, how did it go? I know they are quite different and both very stressful in their own way. I would love to hear about anyone that has transitioned into the OR! Thanks!
  4. bhy7124

    CVICU to something new

    Hello AN, I am currently working in a CVICU and am about 1.5 years in (I started in their new grad program). I plan to stay through the 2 year mark before moving out of town. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or experience leaving the ICU setting to move into something different? I know critical care is not for me at this time and would love to explore another area. I enjoy cardiac care and was wondering if anyone has moved from a CVICU setting to EP or cath lab job and what your thoughts are? I have also taken an interest in OR nursing but I know this is quite different and would love any input from nurses that have moved into the OR setting! Thank you in advance for your input.