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    Never feeling good enough, despite milestones

    Thank you for all the wise advice guys. And I appreciate you not jumping down my throat about putting other specialties down. After re-reading my initial post I can see how that might have been assumed, but it is not what I meant. I will continue on my floor and hone my skills and maybe later down the road try another specialty
  2. Before I started nursing school, I used to look at any nurse in amazement! It didn't matter if they worked in a hospital, school, home health, whatever. You were the ***! Then I got into nursing school and started clinicals and came to think "Oh NO, I MUST work in a hospital with acute care patients to feel like I am really "doing this" and a "real" nurse. Now as a new grad on a busy tele floor in a large hospital, I feel like THIS status isn't good enough. Now I need to be in the ER or ICU with critically ill patients to be the "real deal". I wonder how far this will go? What if I get into the ICU, then it might not be a good enough hospital next. I feel like the bar keeps moving and no matter what I do I can't keep up. I really like the floor I am on. They pay is good, the people are good. Sometimes the pt acuity seems too easy and I crave something harder, but it is frustrating that I don't feel like a "real" hardcore badass nurse. I don't feel good enough. How do you all come to terms with where you are and learn to just be happy with where you are at?