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  1. K_HinckleyRN

    Transition to School Nurse

    So with my district it’s salary, so I get paid for 196 days (the school year) ... I’m pretty sure holidays are paid but not entirely sure. I know in my district the nurses are treated same as teacher so we get a check in May for summer, Atleast that’s what I’m understanding but haven’t fully figured it out! But I will get an extra 80 hours of pay for June as I’ll do some summer school time. Im taking a $2000/year paycut leaving my hospital but will be working shorter days and less months so yay!
  2. K_HinckleyRN

    Office inspiration

    Can anyone share pics of their office! Im Ssoooo excited to have an office but I need some inspo on how to decorate!? Also, what are some fun things & must haves for age groups 3-5!?
  3. K_HinckleyRN

    Transition to School Nurse

    Hi all!! I have had my RN, BSN for 6 years now, working in pediatrics (acute and rehab) for the entirety of my nursing career. I love working with children. I have accepted a position with our school district as the school nurse for the early childhood center (ages 3-5). The medical aspect of the job (some kiddos have Trachs, & G-Buttons) I’m totally 100% comfortable with! But the job as a school nurse is still something I’m trying to grasp! I’m hoping I get some formal training but some people are saying I may just get thrown in,! I’m sure I can figure it out and I am not expecting the transition to not be difficult but is there anyone here that can give me some insight in the day in the life of a school nurse! I’m also aware policies and such differ district to district but I’m just wanting a general understanding!! Thank you!!