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  1. Thanks for you help! 

  2. Hello! has anyone in the Sacred Heart University online FNP program? I am starting January 2020! I just want any advice and to discuss experiences Thanks!
  3. mmilbrunRN85

    School making me repeat a course. Help

    Hello! I am just looking for advice. Please feel free to respond! Due to my mistakes with academic integrity I was suspended from the program for one year. In a letter from the School of Nursing and the Office of Academic Affairs it stated that In order for me to return to the program, the terms were for me to take a APA course (which I did on 11/27/2018). I also had to communicate with the program director on march 1, 2019 to state my return to the fall 2019 online MSN/FNP program because the hybrid program is now longer available. After my suspension I can return to Primary care II Nursing 621 in the fall 2019 because I passed Primary Care I with a B in Spring 2018. Since February 2019, I have been in contact with two professors to register for Primary Care II. On 2/25/2019 I first reached out to -----------y about my return. She stated in the response that she is “checking steps you need to take and will get back to me.” Throughout the month of march 2019 we were communicating with each other about my return. On March 29, 2019 ---------------- reached out to me and stated they want to assess my knowledge and skills required for taking Primary II. On April 1, I received a call from phone call from----------------- stated in a week or two she wanted to assess my skills. Obvious, I stated I would come to be reevaluated. However, I also stated that Primary Care is a 6 credit course with clinical hours and there is a lot of material to go through and I have been out of school for close to a year so I’m not sure what she wants to be to study. Her response was that she just wanted to see where I was at and this is just assess my skills to create a plan of study and not to worry. I went over a couple of things I learned from class but I wasn’t sure that I was being evaluated on. I came to campus to meet with her April 16, 2019. When I arrived on campus, I was handed a packet and she stated that I will be tested on. When I examined that packed I realized that what I was being tested on was from Health assessment, NU 522, a class I took in the fall 2017, almost two years ago. I told her that this was from health assessment class and not Primary care I as we discussed over the phone. I knew how to do a basic head to toe assessment but not as detailed as she wants it to be (What she wanted me to do is a very detailed assessment which involved the assessment of every nerve, muscle and heart.) I told her I wouldn’t do well because this is too much information to go over in the next 15 minutes. At this point I was very upset but I attempted to completed the full assessment. Needless to say I didn’t do as well as I would like. At the end of the assessment she states she would get back to me about the next steps of my return by that Friday. We did not go over ways to improve or a plan which was stated in the their pervious emails. That Friday passed and I didn’t hear from her. I emailed her that again that Monday she said she needs to get in contact with one prof and she is waiting for a final plan. I didn’t hear anything for a couple of weeks. I emailed her again 4/26/2019 stating that I don’t understand why this process is so complicated. There was nothing in the letter that states I need to be evaluated or any policy stating that an evaluation is necessary. She responded and stated she is waiting on one prof to give a final plan. After weeks of waiting for a final plan, I wrote a very stern email stating that I have not heard from anyone in months. My plan of return is cut and dry and I don’t understand this waiting is necessary. I continued to communicate with them. Finally, on 6/4/2019 I get an email stating that I have a repeat Primary care I based on my evaluation 4/16. There was no explanation of why I need to repeat the course and that everyone including the the dean of the school of nursing agreed with the final plan. ----------- stated she was willing to have a conference call to discussed my next steps. We had a conference call 6/14/2019 and she stated that I had to repeat Primary I and also I had to start January 2020 and not Fall 2019. After the conversation I feel that I am not treated fairly because there wasn’t any explanation of why I had repeat a course and why wasn’t another form of remediation used or a plan of study initiated. I completed my own research on procedures and policies on SHU and there isn’t policy that states that I based on a evaluation I had to repeat a course I took a year ago. If I repeated this course, it would cost me 7000 again. I don’t think it is appropriate for them to decide for me repeat a course based on one head to toe assessment. Primary I course contains a vast amount of information about many diseases and treatments and it is hard to determine what a student knows based on one assessment that is why during the course we had multiple exams and every student had to complete over a 150s hours of clinical hours to ensure that every student knows the demonstrates their skills. During the conference call I tried to explain my situation but they didn’t want to discuss it with me. The profs. are not acknowledging the decision made by the Provost and the school of Nursing. I went to the provost and he has agreed with them. any now I have to repeat the course and start a semester later. Has anyone been through this type of situation? what should I do next?

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