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  1. Moving to Seattle from Vancouver, BC

    Hey, I'm doing good. Yes, I still work in Seattle. The cost of living is expensive in Seattle, so I decided to move North of Seattle, approximately a 20-25 minute drive to work. I am sure you heard about the short-staffing issue hospital-wide. A...
  2. RN from vancouver to Seattle

    Hi there, I moved to Seattle from Vancouver about a year ago. 1. When you move to WA, you will need to apply for an SSN for tax purposes here. It was easy to apply for, I remember getting my SSN a few weeks after I applied for it. 2....
  3. BC RN to Washington State

    @bigblondebun Hey, I'm currently figuring out whether I should start my job orientation in November or December, but I did get a job offer for my top choice in Seattle. You should be hearing from the Nursing Commission soon. My status/application was...
  4. Moving to Seattle from Vancouver, BC

    Hi @Bnurs, I actually got a job offer a few weeks ago. I will be driving to the border to apply for my TN visa later today.
  5. Best Hospitals to Work in WA

    @verene Thank you for your response. I heard good things about Evergreen, but I just accepted a job offer for another hospital.
  6. Moving to Seattle from Vancouver, BC

    Yes, I realized that HR is offsite, but I do have some numbers saved just in case. Do you recommend any units that are great for new grads to work on?
  7. Moving to Seattle from Vancouver, BC

    Hi @Bnurs, The site won't let me pm you. I applied to a lot of job openings with Swedish/Providence, and I noticed some applications are "in review". I am a new grad, graduated in December 2018. My current RN experience is on neurosciences, but I am ...
  8. Moving to Seattle from Vancouver, BC

    Hey @Bnurs, I recently got my WA license and I am currently applying for jobs in WA. Which hospitals should I look out for when applying to jobs? I plan on moving to the Lynnwood area and I don't mind travelling to Seattle for work.
  9. Best Hospitals to Work in WA

    @YeXinZhi What unit are you on? And what's the patient workload like?
  10. Best Hospitals to Work in WA

    @YeXinZhi I plan on moving to Lynnwood.
  11. BC RN to Washington State

    @bigblondebun That's great to hear! I'm just waiting to hear from the Nursing Commission at this point. I want to try and apply for a nurse residency program soon. We could be coworkers one day!
  12. Langara College Nursing - concerns/questions..

    Hey! I know it's been a year since you posted. How's the nursing program so far?
  13. BC RN to Washington State

    Hey @bigblondebun, did you end up moving to WA? I am currently in the same boat, waiting for my license to get approved.
  14. Best Hospitals to Work in WA

    Hi there, I am currently waiting for approval of my WA RN license and I am starting to look at jobs. Which hospitals are best to work for as a new grad? I am also aware of the RN Residency programs. And if you are working at any of the hospitals you ...
  15. CGFNS CES - AZ

    Also, I believe you need to submit an application to AZBN for your license as well. The report is usually just a formality/screening to show that you meet the qualifications to work/obtain your license.