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  1. Oh I see- I guess we just have to take the TEAS before the deadline that they provide around Feb. 15. Extra days for reviews! I'm just using Mometrix. Hope we all get in the program!!
  2. Thanksss!! If i took all the general, would the gap 40% take in the avg of these as pre-req? Or is pre-req only Eng101 and Chm100? Also what sources are you using to study for the Teas? Im so scared.... :((
  3. Bergen Community College 2020 Nursing Evening Program

    I was supposed to be aiming for the Spring program - but noticed by CHEM class expired.. Oh well! Now I'm aiming for the Fall ? What book did you all study with?? Any info would be highly appreciated! Thank you allllll and congrats ?
  4. Hi- Who's aiming for 2020 BCC Fall Nursing Program? Let's share info and all ace the TEAS! And get into the program ? I heard the proportion of the avg is based on 60% TEAS score and 40% GPA. Is this correct? For the GPA - is it only English and Sci...
  5. Bergen Community College 2020 Nursing Evening Program

    Yes please!! Thank you so much!!
  6. Is anyone aiming for Evening program at BCC this 2020 Spring semester? I'd like to share whatever information that we all have. If there's anyone who has already got accepted to this program, could you share what book you used? I'm planning on buyin...