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    Which would you choose???

    Hey all, So here is my question. I have recently been accepted into a nursing school I'm my area. There are two option that I can pursue, a 2year ADN program or a 3year BSN program. There are pros and cons for both. Here are my thoughts. ADN 2yrs- I can become a nurse sooner. Once employed most of the hospitals near me where I would hope to work will pay a portion of your tuition to get your BSN, which is all online(saves me from going to campus and allows me to be home). But I would have to juggle being a mom, work and online classes. I would save a good bit of money by doing it this way and I would get some hands on experience before getting my BSN. BSN 3yrs- I would finish school with the BSN and would be able to get a better position higher pay. I would not have to return to school or do online classes. It would cost quite a bit more for this program. It would be more on campus and less at home but once done, I'm done! My ultimate goal is to have my nursing career as a pediatric RN, like at a children's hospital. My second choice would be labor and delivery. Thank you all for the help.