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  1. LD1289

    Taking A&P 1&2 at the same time

    Thanks guys!! I feel a lot better now. I am leaning more towards taking them together now. I know I can do it! I’m just going to start studying the material way before the semester starts and getting in touch with students who have taken those professors.
  2. LD1289

    Taking A&P 1&2 at the same time

    Yep you are right about that. It has been 7 years and it’s only one more semester. These will only be the last two classes I will take before applying. So either I will take just those two together or take 1 class in the Fall and 1 class in the Spring.
  3. LD1289

    Taking A&P 1&2 at the same time

    Hello, thanks for answering my question. When I took them over 7 years ago I took them separately and passed with B's. A&P 1 was a repeat though because I honestly never studied. I was on my own in college and there was no one to tell me what to do. I do regret that and now I am facing the consequences. If I do happen to take A&P 1 and 2 again at the same time, this is pretty much it at the university that I am at. They are only allowing me to repeat just because its been over the time period that they will accept for biology classes. So if I happen to get below B's then I cant apply for nursing school at all. I don't think I have retained anything honestly from taking them over 7 years ago. I am sure some information will jog my memory when I do start the class but that's about it. Both classes are really interesting and I really did love them both when I did take them though. To answer your questions, I am really motivated this time around. I am older and I know for sure nursing is what I want to do. My studying skills are really good and I start studying the material weeks before the test date. On the other hand, I am worried that they may be too difficult to take together. I do believe that with my motivation I can indeed pass both with a minimum of a B but it will not be easy at all. Its going to be really hard work and long days of studying. I am just really on the fence. On one end, I don't want to rush it and potentially risk failing. On the other end, I don't want to miss the opportunity of going into nursing school in the Spring if I can do it. I know nursing school will be difficult just based on what I hear. So I do feel like taking them both will prepare me. At the end of the day, I still want to make the smartest decision.
  4. I am in a dilemma and I need advice. I am returning back to school after a 7 year break. When I was attending school I was going to school for nursing and taking pre nursing classes. I pretty much played around and stopped going because I wasn't taking school serious. Fast forward to now, I am in my late 20's and wanting to finish where I left off. My first semester back was this past Spring and I took Microbiology and two online classes. I made a B in Microbiology and a A in the other two classes. I recently went to talk to an advisor who informed me that I only have two classes left that I have to take in order to apply for nursing which is A&P 1 and 2. She said that if I take them both this coming Fall I could possibly be starting nursing school in Spring 2020 if accepted. Taking them both together is usually not an option but her and others submitted an override for me to be able to take them together since they are a repeat. My question is should I go ahead and take them together this coming Fall to have the opportunity of going into nursing school in the Spring? They would be the only two classes I will be taking but they are both very difficult classes. I will be changing to part time at work if I do take them. I have taken them both before over 7 years ago but because its been over 7 years I have to repeat them. If I don't take them together this coming Fall, I will take A&P 1 in the Fall and A&P 2 in the Spring only one class per semester. This would mean I would have to possibly wait until Fall 2020 to attend nursing school. Please give your honest opinions.