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  1. bjun

    BCIT APRIL 2020

    Oh I see! That's what I figured but I didn't receive an official acceptance e-mail yet so wasn't sure haha. My last name starts with J :). I hope you get in!! My last name starts with J so you should hear back from them pretty soon! I didn't receive an e-mail, I just kept checking my admission status on mybcit.
  2. bjun

    BCIT APRIL 2020

    Congrats! I just got placed on "conditional acceptance - supplemental". Did everyone get this or is this some sort of a waitlist?
  3. bjun

    Langara January 2020 intake

    I just got an e-mail saying I got accepted off the waitlist! gpa of 3.46 with no prior degree
  4. bjun

    BCIT APRIL 2020

    Do you know by when we have to complete the CASPer?? I sent admissions an e-mail but I didn't get a reply back yet.