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  1. Of course I'm not just doing CRNA because of the money. If I wanted only money, I would just go into real estate or business. I am doing it because I want to do nursing and anesthesia (and also for other common reasons as well). Of course I would find it very weird if I had to write a separate paragraph in my posts detailing why I love nursing every time the mention of money came up.
  2. Thank you. Are you referring to the 2019 Compensation and Benefits Table for Publication?
  3. How am I a troll? I am considering CRNA right now and asking questions about the CRNA specialty before I enter CRNA school.
  4. Okay, so if I want to make the most money as a CRNA, I should pursue a specialty in pain management after I graduate CRNA school? Do I need to do a fellowship in pain management or can I practice in pain management straight away as a CRNA? How much do/can CRNA's make in pain management?
  5. I am wondering if CRNA's can work in dental offices and, if so, the differences in the work between CRNA and Dental Anesthesiologist besides the differences in schooling. Can CRNA's take the place of dental anesthesiologists? I am looking at dental anesthesiologist positions and I think they only take those with DDS degrees. https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/1418596032/ Anyone know anything about CRNA's working in dental offices for dentists and oral surgeons?
  6. Does it matter where you get your ABSN degree from? What about (mostly) online vs solely in-person programs? Does the name or institution of the school matter for employment and acceptance into CRNA doctoral programs? Can/should I try to save money and tuition by enrolling in mostly on-line ABSN programs?
  7. I graduated about 6 years ago with a 3.8+ GPA in Human Physiology and have a Bachelor's of Science degree from a top 20 university. I have been working in a non-nursing/health related field since and have decided I want to become a RN and then try to go for a CRNA degree. How many schools should I apply for the ABSN program? Should I try to apply to all of my in-state ABSN programs? Should I apply to any out-of-state ABSN programs? Which states have the cheapest tuition for ABSN programs? Thank you.
  8. I just want to confirm that AA's basically do exactly the same thing as CRNA's in their day-to-day job. If I shadow an AA, can I expect that a CRNA would do exactly the same thing as them?
  9. Is it easy to get a job right after graduating from an ABSN in the ICU for CRNA school? Will I probably have to move or should I be able to find a ICU RN job near where I currently live? Are there particular ICU jobs that are easier to get with no experience as an RN? Which ICU jobs should I apply for? Cardiovascular ICU Surgical ICU Neuro ICU Medical ICU Pediatric ICU (Level III) Neonatal ICU (Level III)
  10. Why do CRNA schools specifically require 1-2 years of ICU (and not OR) experience? I thought CRNA's work almost solely in the operating room and not ICU, so why do many CRNA schools only accept 1-2 years of ICU nursing experience for applications? Is there a lot of lifting heavy objects and/or moving patients required as a ICU nurse? I am asking because I have back injury and problems. Thank you.
  11. Do CRNA's need to do any lifting or moving patients? I am relatively young (early 30's) but I have some back problems (herniated discs, degenerative disc disease from a back injury) so I prefer not to do much heavy lifting. Are lifting and moving patients mostly for surgery techs or do CRNA's need to do any heavy lifting and moving patients?