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  1. TraumaLlamaBSN

    First job as a new AGACNP

    Would starting a career in an inpatient rehabilitation unit as an AGACNP be a detriment to future career opportunities? The job sounds fantastic after working as an RN in critical care during a pandemic. However, I'm worried that a few years from now if I want to work in critical care/surgery as an NP I won't be considered for the job since my only NP experience will be rehab. Anyone else make a similar transition with their career?
  2. TraumaLlamaBSN

    PACU nursing while in AGACNP program

    I've been a nurse for 6 years, and I've been in the ICU for 4 of those years. I'm also in grad school, semester 3, for AGACNP. I really want to switch to a PACU position due to some issues with my back that keep getting worse with bedside nursing. I absolutely love beside nursing, but I feel that PACU might be a better fit while in in school. My question is, does anyone think that switching to PACU will inhibit me getting a job in an ICU as an NP? Or is my 4 years of ICU work enough? Thanks!!