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  1. So here’s my back story. After graduating, it was hard to find an job as a new nurse in the acute care setting. I’m from Hawaii so the options are you’re really lucky and get into a new grad program right away (which you owe roughly 20 grand if you leave in the first 2 years), you work as a CNA for a little bit to get your foot in the door and pray that they pick you for the new grad program (I know a few nurses that worked as CNAs for 2 years before they got it), or you work in a rehab/long term for a little and pray that you get hired in the hospital after a year or two. Some hospitals in Hawaii do new grad programs based on the census, so sometimes they don’t even have them. I decided to go the CNA route. So I was a CNA for almost a year after I graduated and they didn’t have a new grad program for that year. When the new grad program came about, there was about 20-30 CNAs applying to about 8-10 positions. At this time, I had the option to move to the Mainland with my bf. I decided to move. I decided to get a rehab/long term care job and I wanted to get experience for almost a year and then try for the hospital. The area that I moved to also doesn’t like to hire new grads. SO long story short, after 10 months, I got into a float pool position at a hospital AND I AM SINKING. I feel so stupid. I study and refresh on things but it’s such a different environment. I look like a fish out of water. I ask a lot of questions but I’m on a fine line of not looking stupid. Any one have any advice on this transition? Any one else have this problem?
  2. allyyy

    Made my first mistake

    I am very new, so I automatically thought that the MD would already know about it because it’s in the patients chart (even a coworker said that its in the lab review online for everyone to see). So that’s why I didn’t give it a second thought. I guess it’s a lesson learned. Double check before I got running to the MD. Thank you! I’m just a worried Nelly. I keep hearing horror stories of people getting let off of orientation and I need to chill. I get so worked up.
  3. allyyy

    Made my first mistake

    Ugh. Idk. There’s just no way to prove it. I couldn’t say it’s the lab because there’s no proof. I just took the responsibility and told the MD sorry. I just feel really stupid.
  4. allyyy

    Made my first mistake

    SO I’ve officially made my first mistake and I want to hit myself over the head. The lab called and told me a lab and said whatever it was is in the blood. I wrote it down on a note. I told the MD. Hours later, the MD and med student came up to me and said “was it blood or tissue”. I died inside. I said the lab said blood but I’ll call. I called... and sure enough it’s tissue. I told the MD and they were annoyed. I told my preceptor and she said the doctor is the one to double check, you are the reporter. I still can’t stop thinking about it... any one have similar stories? Word of encouragement? Something. I just don’t want to get fired...
  5. allyyy

    Bullied as a kinda new nurse

    I feel like I’m being bullied by the nurses on the floor that I’m orienting on. I’m a quiet person who does work quietly and thinks in my head. I only have barely a year of rehab/LTC experience so this acute setting feels pretty new. So I’m not the kind of person to go running around yelling out all of my patients problems. I read, I think, ask many questions and keep moving. I'm now being followed by the educator over an accusation of "not knowing why the patient is getting the med". I had a meeting today with my manager, supervisor, and educator and I felt like that came out of nowhere and I was completely shocked. And my preceptor was there and I felt like I couldn't say anything because I know that she said something. But I've never given the wrong patient the wrong med and I always look up meds I don't know and I always look up the doctors notes. I made an appointment to to see where that came from with only my manager, so we’ll see how that’s goes. Overall, My preceptor and I are butting heads. I feel like I'm not learning anything important from her. She proceeds on telling me things that I already know and I try to switch the topic up but then she gets annoyed. One time she was talking about something and I looked away to look at my computer (I like to multitask) and she bursted “LOOK AT ME” in front of everyone like I’m a child. I started tearing up after that. I was so embarrassed. And after that I feel like everyone is bullying me. And I wish I spoke up sooner about these issues. Idk. There's two sides of the story. But overall, I am hurt and offended that they think I would put my patient at risk. I've spent the last two days crying and I've already accepted that I'm probably going to be fired if I don't quit first. Idk. Idk what to do.