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  1. Hi,

    Did you already taken your CPNRE examination?

    I am going to take mine in November 2021. 

    I think I should really be looking into the NurseEd that you mentioned to know how to answer CPNRE kind of  questions. I would really appreciate if you could help me here by mailing the document called NurseEd. Thanks a lot in advance.

    My email is -

  2. CPNRE EXAM June 2021

    Thanku dear god bless u
  3. CPNRE EXAM June 2021

    Thanku dear My email
  4. CPNRE EXAM June 2021

    I m not pass
  5. CPNRE EXAM June 2021

    Congrats ashvini I m still waiting
  6. CPNRE EXAM June 2021

    When we will receive exam result
  7. CPNRE exam Jan-Feb 2021

    Cpnre June July exam 2021 please give me advise for exam
  8. Harman please send me 1 to 5 prep guide my email

    1. hrmn1993


      I forwarded the email to you ?

    2. PrabhjotParmar
  9. Hlo amrinder can u send me email 

  10. Hello its

  11. Failed CPNRE twice!!!

    Hi harpreet can u send me email . When I give next exam
  12. 14 feb my cpnre exam any best material  any body know this site good view 

  13. 14 feb my cpnre exam any best material 

    1. PNtaker

      PNtaker, LPN

      im taking mine on feb 12