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  1. Hey,

    Im in LSU's program right now. Only in the first year, so I may not know all the answers, but I can try.

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    2. otee16


      No problem.  So the classes we had were Foundations of Advanced Nursing, Epidemiology, and Organization and Systems Management, or something like that.  Mostly just DNP stuff. The scheduling is sort of weird.  I think they have to meet 6 times for the semester, but it doesn't quite come out to every other weekend. Sometimes we would have class on back to back weekends, then be off for two or three weeks, then maybe have one weekend of class, off for one or two weeks, then maybe two weekends of class in a row.  So if you were to average it out, it would be every other, but that wasn't exactly how it comes out.

      The coarse load isn't too bad, but there are a lot of group assignments and things like that.  I found our group would maybe get together a day or two during the weeks whenever we had projects coming up.  So while class doesn't have a ton of meetings, there may be times when your groups need to get together to do work.  So that is sort of up to you and if you think you can manage that/work with a group from a distance.  We were able to choose our group for one class, but got randomly assigned in another, so it just depends.

      I also came from out of state, and can share some of that experience and stuff if you have any questions.  I knew I was in, and actually took a travel job in Nola from Feb-May, which worked out nice, so there are other options, but I get not wanting to stop working yet.  Just kind of up to you if you think you can manage it all.

    3. TheSameVein

      TheSameVein, BSN, RN

      Oh wow, I guess I should've figured it wouldn't be as black and white as I wanted it to be as far as class schedule is concerned. I wanted to try and save on rent by just commuting for the first semester but that might not be possible. 

      I would love to hear about your out of state experience! 

    4. otee16


      Yea it just depends on how you want to do it.  If you hit it hard at work until March or maybe April, I'd think you could make way more than the rent you'd have to pay over summer.  It is scary not making money any more though, totally get that.  I don't know if I can private message on here, but feel free to shoot me a text or call or something if you have any quesitons. 803-640-0302. 


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