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  1. TheSameVein

    LSU CRNA 2020

    I was told by LSU that the last interviews are this week and we should hear back by the first week of November.
  2. TheSameVein

    LSU CRNA 2020

    I know there are interviews on October 15th and 16th for sure. Maybe those are the last dates?
  3. TheSameVein

    LSU CRNA 2020

    Does anyone know LSU's attrition rate? I read online it was about 24% but I don't know if the website was credible. Are they somewhat of a weed-out program?
  4. TheSameVein

    LSU CRNA 2020

    I'm glad I'm not the only one. Interviews start next week and they still haven't notified everyone
  5. TheSameVein

    LSU CRNA 2020

    Is anybody still waiting to hear back from LSU?
  6. TheSameVein

    Is trauma for me?

    I am a Med/Surg ICU nurse, but our hospital has a Trauma ICU to which I have floated many times. The trauma patients are typically younger and have fewer co-morbidities when compared to the MICU. It is a lot of pain management, neuro checks, and physical therapy. You see a lot of sad cases and people who have made poor life decisions, but that can be said about any area of nursing. As far as gore is concerned, ER nursing sees way more of that than the ICU for the most part. And, just like anything else, you'll become desensitized over time as you are exposed to more blood/bodily fluids, incisions, etc....Maybe not 100% desensitized, but it will get better!
  7. TheSameVein

    Deciding between Baylor and TCU CRNA school

    Have you already heard back from TCU?
  8. TheSameVein

    Texas CRNA Applicants 2020

    There's a lot to consider and it's very individual to you - but if it were me I would consider: 1. Clinical site placement - Where/how far are you willing to move? Will you have the opportunity to do a wide variety of cases or do you have to compete with other students? Does your clinical site rely on students to help staff the OR? 2. Overall vibe/feeling you got from the interview and tour - Did you feel welcome? What were the facilities like? Could you see yourself sitting in class there? 3. Total tuition cost - may not be a big difference between schools but something to consider! 4. First-time board passing rate Among other things! Just the first few things that came to mind
  9. TheSameVein

    TCU/TWU CRNA School Application for 2020

    If y'all want to follow a current TWU student on instagram @domarnold_srna is in TWU's program currently doing clinicals. He often does Q&As with his 65k followers and has answered some questions about his program.
  10. TheSameVein

    LSU CRNA 2020

    I'm not sure if this is LSU's first time using NursingCAS, but it takes about 2 weeks for everyone's transcripts/courses/documents to become verified by the application system after the application deadline. The school is able to review all of the applicant's documents once marked as verified by NursingCAS. TCU also uses NursingCAS and that is how it worked for them - applicants weren't notified of interviews until June 22nd for a June 1 application deadline. My guess (and hope) is that we hear back by the end of next week!
  11. TheSameVein

    Lowest bicarb on abg

    I just recently saw a bicarb of 4 on a female DKA patient. Her respirations were textbook Kussmaul, but her O2 sat was 98% on room air and able to talk although drowsy. Our intensivist used this as an opportunity to teach some of the newer staff about ABGs and informed them that she may very well code if we tried to intubate her. The human body is incredible.
  12. TheSameVein

    How to Increase Chances of an MICU/SICU New Grad Spot?

    I think everything you have done so far is great and should help your chances of getting at least an interview in an ICU. It's even better if you ended up getting that externship in an ICU. I'm not sure about your area, but it can help to have a BSN. It is competitive - my unit had about 50 new grads interview for only 2 spots. Something that worked well for me was to get to know some of the management on your desired unit. If you can introduce yourself to some of them and network a bit, then that should also help your chances. Good luck!
  13. TheSameVein

    CRNA for the older RN

    Your age alone shouldn't be a factor, but it may take more time than you think to get your pre-reqs together due to the amount of time you've been out of school. Most programs want classes like chemistry or statistics to be taken within the last 5 years. There's also exams like CCRN and the GRE that require a few months of studying. I have found applying to almost be a second job for a few months while gathering all of the pieces together and making sure I have all of the requirements. I'm not trying to deter you. It can be done! Best of luck.
  14. TheSameVein

    TCU/TWU CRNA School Application for 2020

    Does anyone know anything about the TCU interview process or have any tips? All I know is it is expected to take 2-3 hours, we'll meet with faculty and current students and includes a tour.
  15. TheSameVein

    LSU CRNA 2020

    Does anyone know/have any speculations as to why LSU wants a picture uploaded on the application?
  16. TheSameVein

    PERRLA in the ICU

    I asked this same question on orientation when I first started and came to the conclusion that it's fine to write PERRL (pupils equal, round, reactive to light) in my notes and just leave off the "A". I think people just write PERRLA out of habit.

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