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Smsanch2 has 8 years experience and specializes in PCU.

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    I quit

    I hope you find a position you’ll like and will stay In for a while. Sounds like schedule is important to you. I’ve worked several float pool gigs because of how flexible the scheduling is. I *highly* recommend it. There are pros and cons to it obviously, but for me personally the pros outweigh cons. Love that I don’t have to deal with any type of unit bull—— and drama.
  2. Smsanch2

    Non-medical friend avoiding me

    Hi, just wanted to post my thoughts on here where nurses like me could read and perhaps share advice. I don’t really have a lot of close friends by choice. My family has moved around a lot lately, and making friends has become secondary to enriching my family’s quality of life. So when I do make friends, they’re usually of good quality. I made a new mom friend recently. Our kids have play dates often. She has no background in the medical field, but she’s not dumb. I feel as though she’s been highly avoiding me since the coronavirus outbreak - somewhat panicked by it - because I work at a hospital. I’m disappointed by this. Neither of us have reached out to each other. We live in the same neighborhood. Feeling hopeless because times like these are when medical professionals need the most support one way or another. Thanks in advance.