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  1. CGFNS Visascreen and CES Processing Time Canadian RN

    It’s all done now. The whole process took about 6 months. CNO send everything electronically. I suspect they may be a bit faster now as they’ve adapted to remote pandemic working.
  2. Moving provinces after graduation

    You can register directly with BCCNM. You have to start an RN application, send them proof of ID. Then send them your BSCN transcripts and proof from your school your degree will allow registration with CNO directly from your school. If they are happ...
  3. CGFNS Visascreen and CES Processing Time Canadian RN

    I am currently going through it and it's a non-starter if you're in Ontario. Both the CNO and both my nursing schools (RPN and RN) are unable to process the forms in person due to restrictions with office workers and the pandemic. They can only do el...
  4. Canadian to UK - recruiter and nursing focus questions

    Also to add, I’m sure you’re aware but I see you have perinatal and breastfeeding experience and certifications. This all falls under maternity and midwifery in the UK. It would be unlikely you’d be able to get a job with anything to do with babies o...
  5. Canadian to UK - recruiter and nursing focus questions

    I can’t help you with your questions but I too have a similar background and often toy with the idea of going back. I just keep hearing about how bad the NHS is and I can’t get over the low pay and how everybody struggles to live over there as in low...
  6. Changing nursing specialties

    Well you’ve already proved that you can adapt to new environments having gained work experience in the UK and ON, as well as different departments. I don’t think you will have too much trouble getting a job in mental health as it’s not a desirable de...
  7. Changing Jobs on a TN Visa

    As far as I'm aware, I don't think it is too much of an issue. However, you have to do the whole process again and can't just switch to a different hospital. That means, getting the job offer letter and going back to the border and presenting yoursel...
  8. Canadian RN Successfully Licensed with Michigan BON

    Hey, this is good news to hear! Are you still waiting for Maine to give you a licence then? Seems like a really long time. I think you’re wise to consider other options.
  9. Did you have your PN and bridging program evaluated as well? Or just your BSN portion? What did the visa screen come back as? Comparable but deficient? It seems ridiculous that your education is enough to do the NCLEX yet you haven’t had clinical in ...
  10. Any success w/ Canadian NP transfer to the UK?

    FYI, as far as I'm aware, NP are not a class of registered nurses in the UK like they are in North America. Nurses obtain NP status by receiving advanced training and from having years of experience. Many do masters degrees but it's not mandatory. Yo...
  11. I can't answer your question about where all NPs work but I would have thought it was highly unlikely they work in the ICU. I've come across them in acute care but the patients weren't big sick. Also, in Canada, they are an extended class of RN and a...