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    Los Medanos Fall 2019

    I just wanted to let all the acceptees and alternates know that once you complete all the forms and upload all your supporting documentation and fill out all your dates for immunization on ImmuniTrax the process seemed to be quite quick. For example, I waited until I had everything in hand before starting the process and submitted everything this past Monday right before midnight and I just got the below pending approval email which points to just a three-day turnaround which is quite fast considering all the paperwork ImmuniTrax needed to process. But just to make the process as easy as possible I did try and organize everything exactly the way ImmuniTrax asked separating out CPR, Physical Exam (including self-assessment), PPD, Titer and Vaccine paperwork along with any supporting documentation for each of these requirements erring on the side of providing them with more information than less. In the end, I think waiting to upload everything at one time when you are completely finished is probably the easiest way to go so they do not have to touch back with you and vice versa.
  2. “That’s everybody on my side of the family, now on my husbands’ side we have ....”
  3. “Was that one or two sugars in your coffee?”
  4. “Excuse me, excuse me! Have you heard the one about how many nursing students it takes to change a lightbulb?”
  5. “Really! You weigh 300 pounds! It wasn’t you who zeroed out this bed was it?”
  6. “Uh-oh, your Ex is here for the check!”
  7. “Wake up! Wake up! We have just run out of freshly ground coffee and filters and it is imperative I empty your colostomy bag stat!”