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  1. Mimiette

    Standby, Did not make the cut!

    I received my letter today saying I am being considered as an alternate for PN Program for fall 2019 (202012). If I am in line behind 12 people, I won't get into nursing this time. No way 12 people are going to drop the program. I'm assuming that is what it means. I feel sad and frustrated. I must still attend a mandatory orientation in July and fill out paperwork in case people don't show for mandatory orientation or drops after taking orientation. I applied to only one college, which required no CNA Certification. Now, I need to retake the math part of the HESI and find a CNA class so I can apply to other colleges In January. These distractions will keep me busy till January comes around. Congratulations to all who got an acceptance letter.
  2. Mimiette

    Where Can I Work?

    Hey, lovely, Congrats on being in your fourth month of nursing school. Have you tried to apply for grants or loans to cover schooling? Loans don't require the start of repayment right away. They want payments 6 months after graduation. You never have to pay back grants or scholarships. Should look into this before you seek employment somewhere, which will take away from your study time. Good luck.
  3. Mimiette

    GNTC roll call for Fall 2019

    Hey, anyone else attending nursing school at GNTC in Fall 2019. I haven't received a letter from them yet. Today, I got an email from my school saying my sap repeal was approved. We will probably get letters mid-July. The wait for an acceptance letter is killing me.
  4. Mimiette

    GNTC LPN Fall 2019

    I am a pre-nursing LPN student at GNTC and already done the hesi exam. I took hesi In June. Has anyone gotten a letter yet? I am super excited about being in the nursing pool to be selected for the LPN program in Fall. I got an email today saying I am eligible for Hope Grant and Pell Grant. I am older than most college students and probably will be the oldest one in my class. I turned 47 this year; However, I don't act my age. Anyone out there attending nursing at GNTC?