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    Leaving federal job for nursing school

    I am paying out of pocket right now and plan to use Financial Aid once in nursing school. I also commute 33 miles each way, the cost of living where I am is ok for now $900-1200 for two bedroom apartment but If i moved closer i would be working just to pay for childcare and rent $1700-2300 for 2 bedroom.
  2. I am currently a health technician at The National Institute of Health. I currently make $26 an hour and am taking pre-req 's for to apply for Nursing School, I plan to apply a year from today. I am a single mom (dad is deceased) to twin girls and my plan is to work overnight once I'm an RN so that I can take the girls to and from school and just to be more involved since they are under 6 years old. I also plan to stop at MSN but will be starting at Community college. I can make anywhere from $26-33 hourly at my current job but would have to stick to the M-F 9-5 schedule, which I hate sometimes. My question is do you think it's worth it to leave my federal job with good pay (no degree, just experience and certifications) for Nursing school? I'm open to all POV. Please help a gal out and sorry for the ramble lol