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  1. K8e

    Gender Bias in Healthcare Occupations

  2. K8e

    Gender Bias in Healthcare Occupations

    I am so sick of the liberal push towards gender equality. I'm old fashioned. I want a man to take care of me, so that means earn a higher pay. I also have no preference if I have a male vs female doctor. I feel like this "women should be like men and men should be like women" thing is so over the top! I mean who cares? Women and men are biologically and psychologically different. I think we should embrace these differences instead of trying to make everyone the same. So what if more women want to be nurses instead of STEM occupations. So what if more men prefer to be doctors rather than nurses. Give it a rest already!
  3. K8e

    What do they teach these days in school?!

    When I was working med/surgery, a fellow coworker who was also a nurse, called our unit and asked me to give her lab results on her nephew in the ER- she wasn't even my patient! And I was on a completely different unit! I'm thinking either she is a complete dumb *** or this is a set-up!
  4. K8e

    Any pediatric psych nurses out there?

    Amen to that!
  5. K8e

    Looking for resources on documenation

    Your facility should have a flow sheet for restraints that has been approved by JACHO and their legal team at the hospital. Unless something out of the norm or beyond what you would be charting on the flow sheet happens, it's supposed to include everything you are supposed to chart.
  6. I worked on a unit with 18 beds and one swing room. Even if we only had 2 nurses, we had to keep admitting until we were full. Nurse to patient ratio is supposed to be 1:4. The hospital didn't care about their nurses and they know we're drowning, but it doesn't matter. All they care about is money and "the patient experience" which means they never turn anyone away.
  7. K8e

    Psych Nurses. Do you hug your patients?

    I worked on a med/surgery unit as well as psych clinic. I never initiate hugs w patients in either field. A hug may be innocent enough to you, but there is no way in knowing how your patient will interpret that hug! Nursing boundaries are put in place for a reason- for the safety of the patient and safety of the nurse. I think you have a kind and generous heart, but you must tread carefully when it comes to the nurse-patient relationship.
  8. K8e

    Animal abuse

    So, I am a psych nurse in a psych clinic. Reading patients' charts, I come across admitted animal abuse from time to time. This is actually very traumatizing for me and weighs heavily on my mind. I had asked my manager if I could report the animal abuse to try and save these pets from the torture they are forced to endure. My manager told me this would constitute a HIPPA violation. My question: Why are health care professionals mandated reporters of child, domestic, elder abuse but not animal abuse? Why should the two be any different? Animals are also living, breathing beings who have emotions and feel pain. I would like to know why having a healthcare professional report the CRIME of animal abuse is not permitted. Instead, we are to ignore it and allow the suffering to continue. I love psych nursing and love my job, but this is just so wrong. It is truly a sick world we live in
  9. K8e

    Co-worker issue

    Because you were at work and on company time, the best thing for you to have done was talk to the nurse outside your mom's room. If you were there as a family member while you were not working, then it would have been more appropriate.
  10. K8e

    Chemical Castration Condition for Parole in Alabama

    I think it's a great idea. I may be alone on this, but I think the perverts give up their rights when they commit the crime. The pedophile pays for the treatment, is mandated to receive the treatment (and show up to receive the treatment), side effects can be treated. Real question- which costs more: keeping pedophiles in prison or chemical castration? I think protection of our children and all of society trumps pedophiles legal rights.