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  1. Hi guys! I am very soon to be working for a temp agency to work as a CNA for different facilities. I have been through CNA training, classes, and clinicals. I passed and got my license at the end of last year, but during the clinicals, I got assigned to a CNA who didn't ever let me do anything by myself, so I didn't gain any hands-on experience whatsoever. I asked my recruiter if any orientation or training will be provided for me on my first day at my first facility. He said no, but that I could possibly come in 10 or 15 minutes early on my first day to ask any questions that I might have, but even then, I feel like I won't be comfortable doing anything based off of answered questions! I would feel more comfortable if someone were with me to guide me, at least for my first day, because I'm usually a quick learner. My recruiter knows that I don't have much experience at all, so why would he throw me to the wolves? I just really don't want to mess anything up! I feel like once I get the hang of it at this first facility, then my experiences at the rest of the facilities I go to in the future will become better. Any feedback or advice will be greatly appreciated!