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    Any nurses that love nursing and love their job??

    Good insight, quite true, whether called or not, all humans should be treated with dignity and respect. I guess what I'm trying to say is, based on what I've seen/heard, I see a big difference in attitude between those who have true passion for nursing versus those who does it for other reasons. But difficult working environments can also be a factor. Everyone can show care for humanity in many ways, but nursing is specific. IMO, I think that many are "called" without realizing it. Maybe called to care for others at a whole new level such as nursing.
  2. RNstat123

    Advice, Applying for Home Hospice RN

    For those who have extensive experience as a hospice/palliative nurse, any advice, experiences, you would like to share? I am about to apply to a Hospice/Palliative Center that also does Home Care Hospice services. I recently moved from another State, and have 3 years of med surg experience, but my unit also dealt with inpatient hospice. I had home health experience before but I was more of a patient assistant prior to getting my RN license. Are there any good free online resources I could look into and just read up on or any videos/books, etc? What usually do hiring managers ask when looking to hire a hospice RN? What questions should I be asking before I say "yes" to the job? Thanks so much in advance for all your replies!