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  1. MHCC Fall/Winter Term 2020-2021

    Happy first day!
  2. MHCC Fall/Winter Term 2020-2021

    I had my books shipped to my house, they asked us to have them sent to the school though. I just missed that part.
  3. MHCC Fall/Winter Term 2020-2021

    Yeah I think she took like 2 or 3 vials but it was one poke LOL
  4. MHCC Fall/Winter Term 2020-2021

    Yeah! I needed antibody testing for my hep b, varicella because history of chicken pox isn't accepted, and my tb test. All a quick blood draw.
  5. MHCC Fall/Winter Term 2020-2021

    I just had my doctor order labs for me. Health insurance is on the list of things that need to be submitted as well. Maybe an email to her would be better now to find out what steps to take to make sure you have everything you need! She is very helpf...
  6. MHCC Fall/Winter Term 2020-2021

    Oh, if its not even time for it to be sent out yet, don't contact her LOL I assumed it was late or something. I think the check off should tell you what dates are needed between hep vaccines. Have you had your titers checked to see what you need?
  7. MHCC Fall/Winter Term 2020-2021

    Hi! Have you emailed Sheryl at all about the ACEMAPP invitation? Ours for fall term were sent out August 10th and I think they extended our date that everything had to be submitted. It's a really easy program to upload to and it takes about 5 bu...
  8. PCC/MHCC/OHSU Fall 2020

  9. PCC/MHCC/OHSU Fall 2020

    Yeah a while ago!
  10. PCC/MHCC/OHSU Fall 2020

    OMG, I have been too! ?? I'm glad I'm not the only one!! Thank you
  11. PCC/MHCC/OHSU Fall 2020

    Has anyone starting fall term at mhcc received the email for ACEMAPP? I know the email said around August 1st but I want to make sure I haven't missed it somewhere
  12. PCC/MHCC/OHSU Fall 2020

    I've been looking but I haven't found anything, I don't know if I'm searching the right things though! Haha I would love to join a group though so I can get to know you guys before we start!
  13. PCC/MHCC/OHSU Fall 2020

    Last year, one of my friends was alternate #8 and he got in for fall term after we had orientation. I think they made it to alternate 17 or 18 total last year. I was #29. I wish there was a way to be able to tell for sure!
  14. PCC/MHCC/OHSU Fall 2020

  15. PCC/MHCC/OHSU Fall 2020

    Fall! You?